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spike dino

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of NUCLEAR ENERGY

-major nuclear power user are Japan,France and America
-we also use nuclear energy in Canada
The origin of nuclear power
Uses Of Nuclear Energy
-The uses of nuclear energy at this time are used to power most homes in Canada or the States, but nuclear energy can also be used for submarines, icebreakers, and aircraft carriers.
-Nuclear submarines work because they are powered by a nuclear motor when above the sea, but use a battery when underwater
-Nuclear energy is also used for space missions, to power rovers and other droids
-Nuclear energy is accounted for more then 15.7% of the worlds energy source
-The Radura logo is used to show people the their food product has been treated with ionizing radiation
-smoke detectors use radioisotopes
-nuclear submarines could run one year without refilling
-it can be used as medicine cure for cancer using radiotherapy
-it powers mars rovers
-nuclear radiation help crops preserve for a longer time
Thank You For Listening/Watching!!!
Welcome to Clyde and Martin's Prezi on Nuclear energy.

Bad uses of nuclear power
-Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) are long ranged missiles that deliver nuclear warheads that are used by a lot of high powered military powers.
-The first ICBM were used by the Nationalsozialismus (The Nazi's). The first ICBM was know as either the A9/A10 or the V-2 Rocket
- In the 6Th and 9Th of August of 1945 American B-17 Fly Fortresses Dropped two nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima ending the World War II. More then 200,000 people died from the nuclear radiation and from the bombing.
-The blast from a modern nuclear warhead can destroy an entire city.
-The reason people use nuclear weapons is because if they don't their country will be destroyed
-Nuclear weapons are used for mass destruction
-Nuclear bombs were invented by Albert Einstein after escaping from the Nazi's.
-Code name the Manhattan Project
-Object 279 could survive a nuclear blast
-people feel that they are not secured with nukes everywhere
-nukes where to STOP wars but DIDN'T
-very expensive to run
-less efficient then laser beams
-Hiroshima was inhabitable for years after the nuke "Little Boy" was dropped
-China, India and Pakistan use 280mm nuclear arty instead of ICBMs
-MGM-31 Pershing 1A missile used by the German Air Force
-heavy water was used by the nazi to make a nuke
-WWII Nazi Germany invaded Norway for heavy water

Location Of Nuclear power around the world
How it work The Nuclear energy of Doom
Clyde & Martin
Bruce 4 reactors which makes 6140 MW(second largest power reactor in the world!)4 more reactors to be added
Darlington 4 reactors which creates 3524 MW
Pickering4 reactors which conducts 4120 MW
2 reactors conduct 885 MW

New Brunswick
Point Lepreau 1 reactor which conducts 640 MW
-used in over 70 countries and some of this countries are China ,Algeria ,Italy ,Norway etc.
-over 400 power reactors, 100 in USA
-10 biggest power reactors are in Japan, France, South Ukraine, South Korea, and Canada
-first reactor in USA
the first reactor was created in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States of America
-very cheap energy
-it doesn't create carbon dioxide,sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide
-it has created 1400 to 3500 construction jobs
-it creates 36% more than average salary
-it created 400 to 700 permanent jobs
-it's efficient
-isn't affected by price increases
-creates a stable amount of electricity
-24/7 energy
-clean energy
-no greenhouse gasses emitted
the first reactor was made by Enrico Fermi on December in 1942
-the uranium(source) was found by Martin Klaproth
the 1st power plant was created June 27 1954
First reactor named Chicago Pile I
first person to define "atom" was Democritus a Greek man
1896 French man Antoine-Henri Becquerel found thing [SALTY SUBSTANCE] causing radiation
discovery called "RADIOACTIVITY"
French couple found elements more high then uranium called polonium named after their country
first power plant was built in Russia in 1954
after 18 to 24 months power plants must close because uranium turns to radioactive waste
a meltdown of a 500MW power plant can kill lots of people and ruin lots of properties
if there are no cooling water the rods that has the uranium fuel will overheat which causes a meltdown
another cause of a meltdown are natural disasters
comes from under the ground(mining and transportation), adds pollution to air
a nuclear reactor creates 20-30t of radioactive waste
very expensive to build a power plant
Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fusion
when a large atom is split
not natural
main fuel is Uranium
barium-141 and krypton-92 make energy
makes the fission bomb
used in power plants
more powerful than chemical reactions
very little energy is needed
highly radioactive
high mass of substance and quick neutrons are needed
highly dangerous, but can be managed
invented during WWII 1938
when small atoms are fused
is natural, occurs in stars
main fuels are Hydrogen isotopes
deuterium and tritium come together make neutrons, helium and energy
makes the hydrogen bomb
not in service,
3-4 times greater then fission
lots of energy is needed
little radiation is produced
high density and temperature environment is needed
less dangerous then fission
invented in 1929
What it is, where come from
nuclear energy
energy from atoms
non-renewable energy
radioactive (dangerous)
powerful energy
energy that can power your house for years without much fuel
most concentrated energy source
24/7 energy

comes from uranium/ hydrogen isotopes
come underground
from mass-to-energy change

Nuclear Accidents
-The main reasons why people nuclear power is because of accidents
-April 26 1986 Chernobyl disaster was the most destruction nuclear disaster.
-September 30 1999 Tokaimura accident was a critical disaster 72 people died.
- NRX is the 1st world major accident and it happen on December 12 1952 in Ontario
- on 2011 there was another accident that occurred in Fukushima because of a tsunami and failure of cooling causing an explosion
-after nuclear accidents no one can live within the area of the accident
Skulduggery Pleasant Last Stand of Dead Man P.300 Paragraph 2

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