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1970's Hardware and Software

No description

Kevin Pestana

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of 1970's Hardware and Software

- The initial idea for this console was designed in grass valley in California.

- The console introduced an enormous variety of games and controllers and was the console of choice well into the early 80s even when graphically out performed by newer consoles.

- The Atari 2600 took on a life of its own when Atari introduced the first home licensed version of Space Invaders.

-Atari realized it could cash in on licensing exclusive rights to sell home versions of the most popular arcade games.

-Games such as Space Invaders, Missile Command, Asteroids, and Defender sent sales sky-rocketing because of the close conversion down to the Atari 2600's graphics capabilities.

-A lot of third party companies introduced games for the Atari 2600 looking to capitalise on the game craze. However, the flood of these low quality games which were unwanted and overproduced. This led to the drop in the demand for the games consoles as consumers were getting smarter.

1970's Game -
Hardware and Software


Hardware Type: Console

Hardware Name: Atari 2600

Hardware Release Date: 1977

Hardware Manufacturer: Atari

-The Philips Tele-Spiel ES-2201, was one of the first european developed console.

-All the games played on this console were black and white and did not have any sound.

-It was powered by a 9 volt battery and not by a CPU instead it was built with an integrated circuit boards. The spiel also had two detachable slider controllers which were connected to the cartridge instead of the console.

-The unique feature of this console was to tune the games into any frequency of the TV which also made it different because all the other systems had to tune in to the same setting on the TV to find your system.

Hardware Type: Console

Hardware Name: Tele-Spiel ES-2201

Hardware Release Date: 1975

Hardware Manufacturer: Philips
Hardware Type: Console

Name: Magnavox Odyssey

Developers: Magnavox

Year of Release: 1972 America

Units Sold: Over 330,000


-The Odyssey was the first home gaming console. The Odyssey has no real specs. It contained no processor or memory. The box is made up of transistors, resistors and capacitors.

-The Odyssey’s initial price was around $99 and in 1972 (year of release), Magnavox sold approximately 100,000.

-The Odyssey played ball and paddle games like Pong and volleyball as well as other games like Baseball, Roulette, Simon Says and more.

-When the console released, it played the game pong, with the release of this console people went mad for Pong which caused for other companies to develop their own machines that could play Pong.

Hardware Type: Console

Name: Magnavox Odyssey2/ G7000 Videopac

Developers: Magnavox

Year of Release: 1978

Units Sold: Over 2 Million

/ G7000
-Nearing the end of the 70’s, Magnavox brought out another console, Magnavox Odyssey2.

-This was released on 2nd of December 1978 in America and initially cost $199, around the same price of the Atari 2600.

-The Odyssey2 wasn’t as powerful as the Atari 2600; it was slower, with lower resolution and only used one sound channel whereas the Atari used two.

-However, Odyssey2 graphics were sharp and didn’t have the screen flicker that you would find on the Atari 2600 games.

-A major thing that sold the Odyssey2 was that it came with a full alpha numeric touchpad keyboard; this helped the Odyssey2 sell as it was used to play educational games, selecting games options, programming and more. This was a feature that no other system had at the time.

Space Invaders is a classic/retro video game of in which was developed by Tomohiro Nishikado and released in the year 1978.

Space Invaders was initially manufactured and sold by Taito in Japan and later licenced and distributed to the United States.

Soon after the release of Space Invaders developers began to follow the footsteps of Tomohiro Nishikado and create Shooter games.
Space Invaders was seen as a revolution
within the Video Games era.
Space Invaders helped expand the video
game industry.

The 1980’s Atari2600 Space Invader’s Sales quadrupled andbecame the most popular home console in the 1980’s.
Space Invaders
Software Type: Console Game / Arcade Game
Software Name/Title: Atari PONG
Software Release Date: 1972
Software Developer: allan alcorn

Game Genre: Sport




Space Invaders




The Atari 2600 console set the bar high for other consoles in its era. The Atari 2600 was so influential in it's design and purpose of in which lead a Microsoft Vice-President to develop a Halo style game for the Atari 2600 in 2010. Thats 33 years later !
Space invaders is now seen as a classic and with a space in todays gaming market an ios version of Space Invaders was released in the app store in 2011.
The well known simplistic style game known as Pong had been resurrected. Atari then re compiled the game and developed a mobile version of the well known classic. The new "PONG World" can be found in the appstore with a rating of 4 1/2 stars. Released in 2012
The Phillips Tele Spiel introduced the world to battery powered gaming consoles. This influenced console creators like Nintendo to create a battery powered mobile console. e.g. Gameboy. This then lead Sony to create the PSP which was also powered by batteries.
Software Type: Console Game / Arcade Game
Software Name/Title: Space Invaders
Software Release Date: 1978
Software Developer: Tomohiro Nishikado
Game Genre: Shooter
Pong was created as a warm-up exercise for allan alcorn. It was supposed to be a moving ball with 2 paddles and a scoreboard system. It was later progressed with different angles of return and the ball speeding up the longer it was in play.

Pong was also developed for home TV sets, the first in 1974 which was a home console. The next was a cartridge for the Magnavox odyssey.

The first pong machine was put into a friend of Nolan Bushnell's pub. After a few days the machine started to malfunction. After inspecting the machine, alcorn said it was because the coin system was overflowing. This shows just how popular pong was.

The Magnavox Odyssey was important in history as it was the first home gaming console. this means that it set a standard for gaming consoles, they rather had to be equally as good, or better.
The Magnavox Odyssey 2 is important in history because it shows the difference between consoles at the start of the 70s and the end of the 70s. it also influenced the development of hardware within consoles in the 1980's.
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