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Launch Mobile Apps

This is a presentation for selling a company on choosing Launch Mobile Apps

Lauren Thigpen

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Launch Mobile Apps

What Kind Of App Can I Get? Consumption Production What is an App? Native Apps:
This is the most common app located in the app store.
Web Apps:
These apps are over the internet and are the simplest to manage, with no third party involvement
Mobile Website:
Web to mobile conversion with little to no customer interaction. The Product Launch
Mobile Apps Features:
Click to call
Click GPS
VIP Club
Hours of Operation
Connect with your Social Media
Deals and Promotions
The features are as endless as your imagination What will I see on an App? 95% of people searched within their local area
61% called after searching 59% visited
90% act within 24 hours

This means you have already lost business to your competitors even if your product and prices are better!!!! Google Says.... Resources An App is a software program used for a multitude of purposes We Are Launch Mobile Apps The Blueprint For Mobilization Businesses Need To Make Money, Build & Maintain Relationships, and Make Progress It All Begins With First Contact Fact 1:
Your customers are searching for your business and businesses like yours.
Fact 2:
Those customers are more than 70% of the time on their phones.
Fact 3:
If your customers aren't seeing a mobile version of your site, they are now your competitors customers. 70%+ Of All Searches Are Mobile If You Aren't Mobile Customers Go To Those Who Are Consumers want to find you, but as of now they can't consume your products and services Don't forget that 7 out of 10 consumers are going to your website from a phone, not looking for you in the app store. Launch Mobile Can't Make It Any Easier For You To Make Money We Know Web Apps are the best for your business for this reason:
A web app is the most cost effective in the long run, here's how! If You Aren't Mobile You Aren't In Business...Or You Won't Be Long E-commerce
Close sales
Generate revenue
Customer interaction
Loyalty program A study by Compuware says 57% of consumers would not recommend a business with a poor mobile website. 40% have gone to a competitors site after experiencing a non-mobile website, and 23% have cursed at their phone when a cite didn't work on their phone. Launch Mobile Apps
will give you much more than just a mobile website Launch Mobile Apps Does It All....But we want the best for our businesses With A Web App
You are in control!
Not Apple or Google With a native app, you as the business owner are at the mercy of the application store, seeking approval and at any time your app can be deemed JUNK!!! What is this going to cost me? $1,495 set up and $49/ month Nearly Unheard Of Given ....
Apps in the App Store are
$8,000.00 – $20,000.00 (per platform)
You are very welcome To Get An App Today
And Stop Losing Business
Call 714-654-9107 and talk to us NOW! Apps can cost you more money than just an app, lets do the math:

2,000 app build
100 monthly fee
99 a year to be in the apple store
up to 2,000 to fix your app once deemed junk or when app store app standards change

This is why we contacted you, we are here to help Did we forget to mention App stores will tell you how your app can and will look, no freedom, and to top it all off your customers will never be redirected to your app from your website. As a business owner you know the app will only do you service if people get it. A Launch Mobile Apps Web App will reach every single one of your customers when they go to your website from a phone. NOT ONE NATIVE APP HAS A 100% Site Rate.
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