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Toddler Beauty Pagents

No description

brenna storm

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Toddler Beauty Pagents

Brenna Storm
Period 2
1/7/13 Claim: Toddler Beauty Pageants are fun for the participants and viewers. Counterargument: Some people argue that Toddler Beauty Pageants are robbing children of their youth. Rebuttal: This argument is not correct because if the child is enjoying doing the pageants than it is not robbing them of their youth. Concession: Toddler Beauty Pageants teach young children to be self oriented.

What can a child learn by being a professional/serial beauty pageant contestant? Well, encouraging the sense of competition is okay, having a hobby to be dedicated to is okay, spending time with mom is great, but when you become a winning machine, a 1st place chaser or a tiara collector, serios psychological problems are just around the corner. These contests promote pshysical beauty as a main value, complimented of course by the „special talent” and „warm hearts”. A child, especially a female that is going to pay so much attention to her looks and that knows she is being assesed for it, is very proned to develop eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia. Also, paranoid features can occur as a response to the „no other girl is your friend here” speech, regarding the relationships between the participants (both mothers and daughters), usually all smiles and hugs at the surface but opposition can be sensed at a deeper level. And this brings another problem to my mind, dissimulation as a form of interraction, which can be used outside contests too and become a habit. ("514cBuw6UPL._SX500_.jpg") ("48d5ba38_Toddlers‑and‑tiaras.jpeg") ("32883321026181812") ("iwzvKpzEOkBPgJh‑556x313‑noPad.jpg") (Lucia Grosaru) Emotional Appeals About Toddler Beauty Pageants. ("toddlers‑tiaras.jpg") ("Taralyn Eschberger - Toddlers and Tiaras - Groovy Girls part 2/2") Logical Appeals About Toddler Beauty Pageants. Pros Of Child Pageants:
There are lots of positive things about children entering pageants:
Beauty pageants and self-image often go hand in hand.
Pageants can be a wonderful experience for children. For one thing, they get comfortable being in front of crowds.
This can carry over into a multitude of other activities, like dance, drama, music recitals, and future public speaking.
A pageant girl usually learns to be comfortable in front of strangers, giving her self-confidence a big boost.
The majority of child pageants and pageant parents work toward creating a sense of camaraderie among the contestants.
The kids play together backstage, and the parents often help each other. Some contestants have made lifelong friends at pageants.
When parents have the right attitude, the children will, too.
In these cases, child pageants can teach kids to be gracious winners and good losers. They'll learn the aspects of rules and fair play.
Pageants can be a lot of fun for kids. Most pageants sell foods that kids love, including pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, and other snacks.
Some of the larger pageants also provide backstage activities for the kids, and a few even have costumed characters interact with the younger girls. (" Helene-Malmsio") Ethical Appeals About Toddler Beauty Pageants. ("meanwhile‑on‑toddlers‑tiaras‑L‑YXDR6i.jpeg") ("daisey‑mae‑toddlers‑tiaras.jpg") Watch out world, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." Alana Thompson, the scene-stealing star of TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras" who shot to fame after spouting a multitude of catchphrases, showing her belly to the judges and drinking Go-Go Juice, is getting her own reality series. (" 'Toddlers And Tiaras' Spinoff 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' Starring Alana Thompson, Comes To TLC") EPISODE 1: 2.253 million
EPISODE 2: 2.14 million
EPISODE 3: 2.059 million
EPISODE 4: 1.943 million
EPISODE 5: 2.336 million
EPISODE 6: 2.992 million
EPISODE 7: 2.396 million ("Here‑Comes‑Honey‑Boo‑Boo1.jpg") ("Edens‑World.jpg") ("moms01.png") Claim: Toddler Beauty Pageants are fun for the participants and viewers. (Robyn Gormish) ("732073‑honey‑boo‑boo.jpg") ("Toddlers.gif")
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