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Mr. Stack

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of LEWIS CARROLL

His Job
The Ending Years
Not long after turning 66, Carroll sadly became sick with influenza which turned into pneumonia. Carroll passed and left a mystery behind him.
Who Was Lewis Carroll???
Lewis Carroll was only his pen name. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was his real name. One of the books he is best known for is Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel , Through the Looking Glass.
Dodgson had curly brown hair and his eyes changed from blue to gray depending on the situation. He was six feet tall and was slim.
Dodgson was born on January 27, 1832, in Daresbury,Cheshire,England.His parents were Frances Jane Lutwige and Rev. Charles Dodgson.
He was the oldest son of 11 children. Carroll was good at entertaining his brothers,sisters,and himself.
During Carroll`s childhood he took a liking to literature and read books by Shakespeare, Jhon Ruskin,Charles Dickens, and Lord Alfred Tennyson. He started making mini stories for his family magizine.
When he as 11, during 1843 his family moved to the Croft Rectory Richmond shire , North Yorshire.Carroll was homeschooled until he was twelve and then he went to school not far from Richmond. In the year of 1846 he went to Rugby School. He left Rugby shcool in 1849.

Lewis Carroll loved making stoies for children. He was comfortable talking around them. In 1874 Carroll thought of creating the first center of a longer story.
My Reading
I read the short and full version of Alice`s Adventures in Wounderland. I think Lewis Carroll is an amazing writer. You have plenty of fiction but not so much it pushes the limet.
The story is about a girl named Alice who follows a rabbit down a long hole. She makes a big pool of tears and meets new friends in it. Alice goes into a forest and the house of a rabbit always changing sizes. Eventually she meets the Queen of Hearts. who makes everyone play a crocay game that she wins. The sticks are flamingos and the balls are hedgehogs. The Queen tries to behead everyone. Then Alice meets a griffen and mockturtle. She goes to a court to watch the trial of the Knave of Hearts. Then Alice wakes up and tells her Sister about her dream.
Young Life
When Dodgson was 17 he had a very bad whooping cough. ( As the webpage states the whooping cough is a bacterial disease caused by
Bordetella pertussis
.) Because of Carroll`s academic sucsess he was awarded a studentship ( shcolarship ) to Christ College.


Lewis Carroll had a bad stammer but he liked making stories for kids. He talked best when he was talking with children. Carroll would tell one girl, Alice Liddell , storys. On a picnic with Alice and her her siblings Lewis told them the first iteration that became Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice insisted Carroll to write the story down for her. He wrote it down for her and eventually Henry Kingsley pursued Carroll to publish it. Carroll wrote essays,political pamphlets,and poetry. One of his books was The Hunting of the Snark.

Writing stories was not the only thing Carroll did. He was also a good photographer. Carroll took pictures of Ellen Terry, an actress, and Alfred Tennyson, a poet. He snapped pictures of kids dressed in every imaginable way and with every imaginable back round.
Through the Looking Glass
I truly enjoyed the sequal just as much. In the story Alice goes through a mirrior and meets live chess pieces. At first they dont know she is there but when Alice goes outside the chess pieces are her size. The Red Queen tells Alice if she joins a life chess game she will be a queen on the eighth square. Alice crosses a brook to get to each square meeting animals,a knight,a unicorn,and other people. She awakens to find herself shaking a kitten woundering who had the dream she was in. Who do you think it might be? ( Also asked at the end of the story. )
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