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Comparing Life in 1900's with Today

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Deztinee Fernandez

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Comparing Life in 1900's with Today

Comparing Life in 1900's with Today: Technology
By: Deztinee, Ryan, D'matrik & Dejaun
From then and now, we revolve around technology. We use technology in our everyday lives and without it, life would be very different then it would be today.
Whether we are working or resting, technology is still being introduced to us. It is used everywhere, at anytime. Our needs are met in greater ease because technology has brought so much updated and advanced adjustments.
Technology in the 1900's
Technology in the 1900's was a very interesting time. From dirty oil lamps, one of the greatest inventions introduced was electricity. Although many were scared and anxious, many were still excited. This big step allowed many more pros than cons in our lives. For ex, electric lamps were a great improvement than oil lamps and candles, allowing many more safety hazards to be more safe. In 1900's the improvement was the roots in having all fascinating inventions being presented today. To the first airplane, radio, Ford model T car, more inventions were made in the 1900's.
Technology Today
Technology today has become way more advanced. We have now learned new things that our technology can do. For example the technology we use for security reasons have become aware and alert of what's happening. Also our phones have now evolve from big heavy phones to light easy to carry around phones.
The Difference between the
1900's and Today
The electricity business has grown dramatically in a more civilized manner than it was before in the 1900's. While having similarities, they're are quite a few differences. For example, they didn't have as much power lines as we have had today that help function our lives. Also before, technology was mainly rooted from water. Like Niagara Falls. While now, technology is based and rooted by many more advanced sources. Technology is more safe as we know many more safety precautions than before.
The Similarities between the
1900's and Today
While their are many differences with technology from then and now, technology till this stay has similar roots that was connected in the 1900's. For example, technology is still based on some science techniques. They're are still cars, fires, lightbulbs, telephones, airplanes, and more. But now they are all modeled and used in a high advanced way.
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