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Slowear Turkey

No description

ezo bal

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Slowear Turkey

The wind of change for good.
Slowear Turkey
Brand Glocal Communication
The journey to search for Turkey's 'Real People'
begins with mutual understanding. We must know about Turkey because our main concern
is to tell people who we are.
Turkish People tend to prefer simple clothing lines and also care about comfort so it won't be too hard for them to like and make Slowear a part of their everyday wardrobe.
to sell online additional to our website because statistics show that in Turkey people like to catch online sales from other sources rather than the brand's website, thinking somehow it will be cheaper.
We will cooperate with
prestigious companies..
Engin Altan Duzyatan
Mert Fırat
Azra Akın
We will work with famous people whom Turkish people really like and adore, also their style and mentality of living matches the philosophy of Slowear.
Work, play and enjoy life not in a rush but slowly; while being responsible and less harmful for our environment.
Social Media
New Stores
Magazines, News, Direct Mail
Events And Exhibitions
Organizing an event at the Moda Port (Pier)
in Kadıkoy/ Istanbul will help gather people
around to meet Slowear's world. The reason I choose Moda Pier is its calm beauty, and its being very far away from pretension, yet very elegant and beautiful.
Exhibition in Istanbul Modern
A Contemporary Art Exhibition about
sustainability and our adaption to it, sponsored by Slowear will draw attention and will be a pleasure to visit for all community and target market.
Istanbul is considered to be an earnest and innovative city,
matching the brand features of Slowear..
Wind power
Waste management
Careful Consumption

Slowear can be the brand for people to love which supports sustainability for the earth.There are many people inventing new products and machines to save the world, who need a little help and awareness by the community.
Let's make Slowear Turkey's one of the most popular brands which people will find as an irreplaceable combination of luxurious comfort and quality.
Ezgi Balcı
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