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Symbolism and Figurative Language "In the Time of The Butterflies"

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Taziana Miller

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Symbolism and Figurative Language "In the Time of The Butterflies"

"In the Time of the Butterflies"
Symbolism and Figurative Language
"A daughter is a needle in the heart" (12)
Figurative Language: Metaphor
"Adversity was like a key in the lock for me." (269)
Figurative Language: Simile
Figurative Language:
Butterflies symbolize that the Mirabal sisters are beautiful, independent and free-spirited. Butterflies are harmless similar to the Mirabal sisters. Butterflies also symbolize short lives which the three Mirabal sisters have a short life.
In this quote Minerva is saying that she is effective when things are hard. Adversity helps to open up the strength that is within her, which makes her brave and fearless.

When Minerva got out of prison, she had gone through a stage of depression. She only wanted to lay in bed and do nothing. The memories of the past haunted her. Then, there is word of an uprising, which fails, This downfall of fate brings Minerva out of her misery, and she is inspired to take action. She is focused on the thing that is dearest to her heart.
Even though Enrique's daughters give him a hard time, Enrique still loves his daughters no matter what.

The sisters are said to be "needles" because they are very sensitive. The pain a daughter suffers is a greater problem than watching a son suffer. So, it shows that the parents would feel worse if any of their daughters would end up hurt. This quote helps to send the feelings the parents have for their daughters, Daughters need more care than sons.
Patria's heart is lifting because she is happy because she hears that some prisoners were being excused. The heavy burden that she has been holding is finally gone. Knowing that minors were being excused, she no longer worried what will happen to her son. Since the cross was also included in the same sentence, it states the religious attitude of Patria, because she is the most religious of her sisters.
A jar symbolizes how the sisters were stuck in Tujillo's trap. The Mirabal sisters are freed from the jar when they are killed by Trujillo.
Written by: Julia Alvarez
By: Taziana Miller
Trujillo as the Devil
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"Viva la mariposa! Tears came to my eyes. Something big and powerful spread its wing inside of me. Courage, I told myself. And this time, I felt it." (238)
"Even in the church during the privacy of the holy communion, Father Gabriel bent down and whispered "Viva la mariposa"
Trujillo is similar to the devil because he doesn't have a heart and he is basically evil. He does not care about anybody but himself. He cold-hearted and ruthless.
"Trujillo is a devil," (24)
"I felt my heart lifting, my cross light as a feather." (214)
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