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Frank Lloyd Wright

No description

Colin Culbertson

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright
Professional Career
* Invented word "streamlined" to describe
the shape of the houses
* Returned to Wisconsin
* Bought land where his uncles land was
* Built house
* Named it Taliesin
* Few years later
* Worker burnt down Taliesin
* Killed seven people
" What is architecture anyway? Is it the vast collection of various buildings which have been built to please the varying tastes of the various lords of mankind? I think not. No, I know that architecture is life; or at least it is life itself taking form and therefore it is the truest record of life as it was lived in the world yesterday, as it is lived today or ever will be lived... So, architecture I know to be a Great Spirit."
- Frank Lloyd Wright
Professional Career
* Wright was busiest during his last years
* Designed the Solomon R. Guggenhiem
* In New York
* 2 years later Wright died
Professional Career
* Left college to become an architect
* At 25, Wright was chief architect at Sullivan and Adler
* Largest architecture co. in Chicago
* Committed bootlegging
* Was eventually fired
* Began working in his home
Early Life

* Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin
* June 8, 1867
* Mom was a teacher
* Dad was a preacher and a musician
* Family moved many times
* Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Iowa and Wisconsin again

Professional Career
* Wright tried make buildings "natural disaster proof"
* Designed hotel in Tokyo
* The Great Kanto Earthquake occurred

Prairie Style
* One of the first American designs
* Plain unpainted furniture
* Earth colored houses
* Houses were very natural
Professional Career
* A few years later
* Wright wrote a book on his life
* Got it published
* Wright then opened a school in Taliesin
* Built a Taliesin West in Arizona with students
* Taught only during winter
Known For
* Prairie Style
* People studied his architecture
* Adopted his approach to architecture
* More than five hundred houses were built and four hundred still stand
* Wright was named the greatest architect of all time
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