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AVID 2013-2014

No description

Emily Ambachtsheer

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of AVID 2013-2014

9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
AVID 2013-2014
Get in a group of 5.
Take a moment to discuss how you might use this strategy in your classes to debate a topic.
What is the AVID system?
AVID stands for "Advancement Via Individual Determination"

It is a college-readiness system designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance. It is designed to increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in higher education and in their lives beyond high school.

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing ALL students for college readiness and success in a global society.
What do we do in the AVID classroom?
Cornell Notes
More student interaction with the notes,
not more teacher interaction.
AVID Site Team
Philosophical Chair
What do you value most,
work ethic or academic achievement?
Go to the
if you value
Stay in the center
if you are
Go to the right
if you value
What is the AVID System?
Who is the AVID student?
What do we do in the AVID classroom?
How can we work together for student success?
Introduction to AVID
Who is the AVID student?
Academic middle
1st time in an advanced course
Special circumstances at home
1st in their family to go to college
How can we work together for student success?
Communication is key!

We want to know how students are doing in your classes. If you have a big assignment, project, or test, let us know and we can focus on that in our tutorials.

If a student is struggling or you are just not sure what is going on, feel free to contact us.
Abigail Isiip
Erin Sims
Emily Ambachtsheer
Every Tuesday and Thursday college tutors come in for tutoring.
Keep an open mind! This is not a win-lose situation.
Listen before you speak, rephrase what the last person said.
Give everyone a turn, wait 4 turns to speak again.
MOVE- walk to the either side to show support for ideas expressed.
College Prep
College applications
SAT & ACT practice

This is a college readiness course, so we are trying to get them prepared.
Guest Speakers
We bring in guest speakers to motivate the students and help them understand more about future careers.

We want them to be involved in the school and the community.
Create format- Essential question
Organize notes- Paraphrase, Bullet points
Review & Revise- Highlight, *, ?
Note Key Ideas- Chunk, write questions
Exchange Ideas- Share with peers
Link Learning- Write summary
Learning Tool- Use notes to study

Written Feedback- Grade notes
Address Feedback- Make improvements
Your Reflection- Write a reflection
Ideas for more interaction:
Exit ticket
Every 6 weeks please submit:
A lesson plan
3 examples of student notes
Please turn them in to the AVID Site Team:
Math- Sean Kilday
ELA- Zack Utley
Science- Karina Martinez
Social Studies- Sergio Harris
CTE- Adam Duran
LOTE- Emily Ambachtsheer
Fine Arts- Abigail Isiip
Health/ Electives- Erin Sims
Engaging students in academic conversation.
Not limited to, but may include the following:
Attended AVID Summer Institute Training
Can help with your specific content area?
OT Thomas- AVID Administrator
Emily Ambachtsheer- Coordinator/ 11th grade
Erin Sims- 10th grade teacher
Abigail Isiip- 9th grade teacher
Sean Kilday- Math Representative
Zack Utley- ELA Representative
Karina Martinez- Science Representative
Sergio Harris- Social Studies Representative
Adam Duran- CTE Representative
Juan Herrera- AVID Counselor
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