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Get Along - Guy Sebastian ft. Lupez

No description

Lachlan Teale

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Get Along - Guy Sebastian ft. Lupez

Get Along - Guy Sebastian
Topic 1
Topic 4
Rhythm Pattern
The pace/tempo is very slow and unhurried throughout the duration of the song.
Topic 7
Topic 6
The topic of the song is about hope, peace and understanding. Guy Sebastian has a dream that perhaps one day, we'll all be united as one world, despite all differences in opinion, religion and creed.
The social comment of the song is about the damage inflicted by religious, cultural and racial intolerance.
Topic 3
literary devices
In "Get Along", it uses a lot of literary devices such as modality, metaphors,
alliteration, rhyming, repetition and religious words.
Evocative language
In my song, it is very sad and depressing. It is this way because he is telling the story of the poor and homeless people.
The Song, "Get Along", repeats the words "Dear God. Dear Soul. Dear Mary, Muhammad."
The tone of the song is very soft and sad through out the song. In the middle of the song, it picks up.
My song's rhyming pattern goes in the order of a,b,c,d in the first versus.
Rhyme Scheme
The rhyme scheme in "Get Along" , is a irregular pattern. It is irregular because the first and second versus are different.
There are 8 versus with one sentence or a statement in the song.
There is no chorus in my song. There is no chorus in my song because it repeats almost all of the song.
I don't have believe that my song "Get Along", has a bridge.
Topic 2
Vocal Style
The vocal style of my song is very soft at the start of the song then picks up in the middle.
The mood in "Get Along" , is deeply sad and depressing. the song is sad and depressing because it is about the lives of poor and homeless people.
The instruments used in my song are piano, drums and violin. They are used to create the whole atmosphere of the song and the feeling of it.
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