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The Women in Rizal’s Life

No description

Roderica Deguitos

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of The Women in Rizal’s Life

Teodora Alonso Reolanda

remarkable woman
possessing refined culture, literary talent, business ability and the fortitude of a Spartan woman.
The suffering of his mother’s imprisonment added to his strong desire and determination to alleviate the Filipinos from tyranny

Girlfriends of Rizal
The Women in Rizal’s Life
- The mother of Rizal
How does Rizal Describe his mother?
1. Julia Celeste Smith
Julia is a sixteen year old lady and she was the first girlfriend of Rizal.  
Rizal was checking their tree yard of atis, balimbing, macopa and santol when she saw her
This tree  yard end to the river side or river shore and Rizal was only 15 when he first saw Julia by accident in a river named Dampalit in Los Baños
She was wearing a red wraparound skirt and was catching a butterfly
Rizal ever gallant, caught two and offered her the butterflies

2. Segunda Katigbak
Segunda is a pretty 14 year old lady Batangueña from Lipa
She was rather short, with eyes that were eloquent, ardent at times, languid at others, rosy – cheeked, with an enchanting and provocative smile that revealed very beautiful teeth
Rizal came to know Segunda more intimately during his weekly to his sister
Olimpia (Rizal’s sister) was a close friend of Segunda.

She was also the sister of Rizal’s friend who is Mariano Katigbak
It was apparent that Rizal (17) and Segunda (14) loved each other.
Theirs was indeed “a love at first sight”
But it was hopeless at the very beginning because Segunda was already engage to be married to her town mate, Manuel Luz. 

3. “Miss L”
Jacinta Ibardo Laza
Shortly, after losing Segunda Katigbak, he paid court to a young woman in Calamba.  
Jacinta is a professor from Pakil, Laguna the third girlfriend of Rizal.
Rizal called Jacinta Ibardo Laza “Miss L”.
In his student memoirs, he called her simply “Miss L”, describing her as “fair with seductive and attractive eyes”.  
After visiting her in her house several times for a tutor lesson in the subject Rhetoric and Poetry, he suddenly stopped his wooing
He gave two reasons for his change of heart, namely (1) the sweet memory of Segunda was still fresh (2) his father objected to the romance with Miss L. because she is the professor of Rizal.

4. Leonor “Orang Valenzuela
a 14 year old, tall girl from Pagsanjan.
When Rizal was a sophomore at the University Of Santo Tomas, he boarded in the house of Doña Concha Leyva in Intramuros.
The next door neighbors of Doña Concha were Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela, parents of a charming girl named Leonor
Rizal send her love notes written in invisible ink, that could only be deciphered over the warmth of the lamp or candle.

5. Leonor Rivera
In 1879, at the start of his junior year at the university, he lived in “Casa Tomasina” a boarding house managed by his Uncle, Antonio Rivera, at No. 6 Calle Santo Tomas, Intramuros.
His land lord uncle has a pretty daughter, Leonor, a student at La Concordia College, where  Soledad (Rizal’s youngest sister) was then studying.
Leonor was born in Camiling, Tarlac on April 11, 1867
Leonor, 15 year old, a native of Camiling, Tarlac, was Rizal's first love.
She became the inspiration for the iconic character Maria Clara in his novel “Noli Me Tangere”.

Leonor used a pen name “Taimis” to hide their relationship from parents and friends.
The two were known as “lovers by correspondence” because of their countless love letters written in different languages such as Filipino, English, Spanish and French.
The shift in the languages used by Rizal was to prevent interception of the letters by Spanish authorities
Those letters, however, failed to reach Rivera because her mother burned them.
Her mother was against Rizal for he was tagged a “filibustero” or subversive after joining the propaganda movement against the Spanish.
After not getting a word from his lover, Rivera consented to his mother's wish to marry Henry Kipping, a railway engineer whom she met when her family moved to Dagupan.
At that time, the Dagupan-Manila railway was being constructed.

6. Consuelo Ortigas
In Madrid, Rizal courted Consuelo, age 18
She was the daughter of Señor Pablo Ortigas who was once mayor of Manila
He dedicated to her “A la Senorita C.O. y R,” which became one of his best poems. 
Her father owned the apartment where the Circulo Hispano Filipino met regularly
Rizal, age 23, was then acquiring and developing his charming ways with women
He treated them with special consideration and with such gallant courteousness.  

All the young Filipino expatriates courted Consuelo, and she in turn encouraged every one including José Rizal, Eduardo Lete, the Paterno brothers, (Pedro, Antonio, Maximino) Julio Llorente, Evangelista, Evaristo Esguerra, Fernando Canon and others.

He suddenly backed out before the relationship turned into a serious romance, because he wanted to remain loyal to Leonor Rivera and he did not want to destroy his friendship with Eduardo de Lete who was madly in love with Consuelo

Ano’t ang hihingi’y tulang walang lirip,
Na minsan sa dusa’y baliw na inawit?
Upang ipamukha lamang kanyang tikis
Ang kawalang-turing at kahapong pait?
Ano’t nunuynuyin ang sawing alala,
Ngayong nag-aantay ang pusong suminta;
Tawagin ang gabi sa pag-uumaga,
Nang di nalalamang may ibang araw pa?
Ibig bagá ninyong malaman ang dahilan
Nitong pagkahibang sa mga hilahil?
Ibig bagá ninyong sanhi ay alamin,
Kung bakit ayokong pagsinta’y awitin?
Limutin na ninyo.
Pagka’t ang dahilang Nagbibigay lungkot ay bakâ tawanan;
Bangkay ko ang dala sa luksang libingan
Sa aki’y nalibing ang iba pang bangkay.
Hindi mangyayari. Baliw na hangarin,
Panaginip lamang ng kalulwang haling;
Inumin ang nectar ng buhay na hain,
Bayaang ang apdo’y payapang tumining.
Nararamdaman kong ang anino’y muling
Sa kaluluwa ko’y ibig bumaluti;
Buko o higit man, bulaklak ay hindi,
Ang kulang sa kanya’y ilaw ang ngumiti.
Kawawang tulâ ko, sila ay bayaan,
Sila’y pinalaki ng kapighatian,
Buhay nila’y talos kung kanino utang,
Sa inyo, marahil, ay isasalaysay

 Kay Binibining C. O. at R.
7. Gertrude Beckett
While Rizal was in London annotating the Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, he boarded in the house of the Beckett family, within walking distance of the British Museum.
Gertrude, 19, a blue-eyed and buxom girl was the oldest of the Beckett daughters
When Tottie showed signs of ardor and love, Rizal felt being slowly drawn to her
However, he left her because he had a mission to fill

8. Nelly Bousted
In Paris, France, Rizal fell in love with Nelly Bousted, a Filipina whose rich father (Filipino-Anglo French) Eduardo Bousted, owned a resort in Biarritz. 
Rizal was on the rebound at that time because he received news that Leonor Rivera is getting married
Rizal (now free from a romantic engagement) did propose marriage to Nelly.

He was anxious to start his own family at age 30. Nelly was a good candidate.
Nelly was good at fencing. She was well educated, very intelligent, and good looking.
Rizal was not able to propose because:
a. Rizal refused to be converted to the Protestant faith
b. Nelly demanded and Nelly's mother did not like a physician without enough paying clientele to be a son-in-law.
The lovers, however, parted as good friends when Rizal left Europe.

9. O-sei-san
Rizal, age 27, now, an author and a doctor returned to the Philippines in 1887, but because of his Noli me Tangere novel he incurred the wrath of the Spanish authorities
He had to leave in 1888 where he took the route via Japan
In Japan, he met a Samurai’s daughter. They went to excursions and places together. She taught him the Japanese language and its culture.

10. Suzanne Jacoby
In Brussels, Rizal lived in a house of the Jacoby sisters:  Marie and Suzanne. 
Marie Catherine was 55 and Suzanne was 45 years old.
Both were besotted by Rizal’s charming manners. 
Suzanne Jacoby became Rizal’s girl friend.  

11. Pastora Necessario Carreon
Pastora Necessario the eleventh girlfriend of Rizal and is from Dapitan
She is Pastor on a church on Dapitan
Rizal fell deeply in love in this girl but this relationship did not last because
Necessario is a pastora and she want to gave her full love on her church.

12. Josephine Bracken
Josephine the twelfth girlfriend of Rizal.
In Dapitan, Zamboanga, in early February 1895, Rizal met an 18-year-old petite Irish girl
She have bold blue eyes, brown hair and a happy disposition.
Josephine was born in Victoria, Hong Kong on August 9, 1876,
She was the youngest of five children to a British army corporal named James Bracken and the Irish Jane MacBride. 

The loneliness and boredom of exile may have taken its toll as he found himself falling in love quite easily.
Rizal asked Josephine to marry him, Josephine stayed with Rizal’s family in Manila. Upon her return to Dapitan, Rizal tried to arrange with Father Antonio Obach for their marriage but was denied
Rizal upon the advice of his family and friends and with Josephine's consent took her as his wife even without the Church blessings.
However, Rizal’s sisters suspected Josephine of being a spy for the Spanish authorities and a threat to his security.
Josephine later gives birth prematurely to a stillbirth baby.

Her mother died a few days after giving birth to her, and her father asked her childless godparents, George Taufer and his second wife (a Portuguese), to take her in
The Cebuano Julio Llorente, who knew Rizal in Spain, suggested that Taufer see Rizal about the former's worsening cataracts. 
Later, Rizal was to say that both eyes were beyond saving he left for Hongkong on March1895.
Rizal was immediately attracted to Josephine and called her “dulce estranjera,” or sweet foreigner.

The Copyright And Information belong To Dr. Jose Rizal National Library Located At Ateneo De Manila.
The Picture Of The Girlfriend Of Dr. Jose Rizal Was Taken From The Newspaper Section Of The Library (Inquirer: News Article Page 3 Titled The 12 Girlfriend Of Dr. Jose Rizal)
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