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Book Trailor

No description

Thomas Chubb

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Trailor

But don’t you just want to read a good vampire story. If your answer is yes join Darren Shan, The snake Man , Steve and mr crepsly on a journey to find a friend......

You ll also join a circus and meet snake boy who will be your ticket to get a friend.
You ll also meet a boy whos eager to join the circus, but isent a freak.
Book Trailer
By Tom, Will and Cameron
Everyone knows story of the vampires.

You will encounter Steve your best friend whos Going to be a vampire hunter when he grows up and hunts you down and kills you?
In a world where you have to fake your own death to defend a species.
So join Darren Shan: The play maker.
Mr Crepsly: "the bad guy?
Steve: The im going to hunt you down and kill you guy.
Snake boy: the guy who is a snake who has a pet snake?
Mr Tall: i see where he got his name

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