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Minecraft the tale of HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!

Is Herobrine just a myth in minecraft or real( Either way could be bad for mojang)

Lukas. F Fletcher

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Minecraft the tale of HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!

The tale of HEROBRINE!!!!!!!
The mythical monster?...

1st of the tales. Notch(The creater of the game) was making the alpha version of minecraft when his brother asked him if he could play, and notch told him yes. His brother named his minecraft character Herobrine. Notch's brother was in a car accident and was killed...After that this strange character kept killing and greifing other players.
The second of the tales is where a griefer somehow foung a hack source so he could die slowly if hit and getting on to single player worlds without the showing of a name tag.
3rd tale is when Notch was trying to make the endermen but instead he got a glitch and thought he could fix it later but he forgot to.So now we have this glitch in the game.
Other information
Some players say that the siting are fake with all the other stuff Herobrine makes.
And other players say that it's only a mod.
Herobrine sighting websites or stuff to type to find some
Herobrine sighting
MInecraft Herobrine sighting
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