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Semester Exam Review

No description

abby freo

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Semester Exam Review

Agenda for Dec. 7, 2011 Turn in your Unit 3 and 4 Review on my desk (file labeled by periods)
Pick up Unit 5 Review...Due by the end of class Thursday!
Go over Units 1 and 2 (correct in red pen)
Work with your partners on Unit 5 Review All missing/late work is due by friday at 5pm!!! Agenda for Dec. 8, 2011 Pick up Unit 6 from my black desk
Turn in Unit 5 into the file (by end of class)
Go over Units 3 and 4 (correct in red pen) ***All late grades are due tomorrow by 5pm!!! Agenda for Dec. 9, 2011 Go over stations 5 and 6 (correct answers).

HW -> STUDY FOR YOUR EXAM Agenda for Dec. 12, 2011 Put all belongings including electronic devices off to the side...may only have semester reviews!
Go over Antibiotic Resistance Lab -10min
Take Unit 1-6 Quiz (may use your own review) -30 min
You must give me your book number to take the exam!!!!! HW: STUDY!!! Good luck this week :) Biology Semester Exam Make sure that your seat# = test#
Write your name, id# and form letter/#
No electronic devices until everyone is finished
Permission to sleep or read :)
ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING! Share great moments and enjoy your family this holiday break! Dec. 18, 2012 2nd period Study Hall Sit in your regular seat and study (1hr)
Last hour you can move to another deskbut must be sitting! YOU can get on your electronic devices now!
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