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BITS Mozilla Club

No description

Shashank Todwal

on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of BITS Mozilla Club

ABOUT THE CLUB Aim Benefits Interest Pursuing Club Groups ABOUT TODAY'S EVENT FUTURE PLANS Presentations Chance to be Project Manager Reference Letters Activities Open to All SVN Committing
Rights Internships/
Placements Mainly to learn Develop our own
add-ons/ persona Installations Linked to Mozilla,CA Live Guest
Lectures Fun filled
contests Learn and
Share Ideas &
Action Plan Videos sent to CA Lead their team To keep
everyone updated Anything what community wants Bugzilla THE BITS MOZILLA CLUB Todwal Shashank || Varma Nitish For any further info
Please contact: f2007497@bits-goa.ac.in f2007536@bits-goa.ac.in Expectations Introductory Presentation
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