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No description

Jill Sinclair

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of HS812

Ethical and Legal Issues in Advanced Practice

What is Ethics
From the Greek word 'ethikos'

Branch of philosophy that deals with moral dimensions
of behaviour, acting, decision making

Ethics is not ....

Ethical issues in practice
What do NZ nurses say ...

What do international nurses say ...

What do student nurses say ...
How do you make ethical decisions ...
Gut / Initial reaction

Experience / Intuition

Auto pilot

History of Nursing Ethics
When you were faced with an ethical issue .....
how did you react ...

who did you talk to ...

what was done about it ...

how do you feel about the situation now ...

what would you do differently ...
Health Care Law
When things don't go quite right ... or really wrong
HDC Commissioner

Privacy Commissioner

Human Rights Commissioner




HDC Cases

Decision Making Models

Ethical theory

Principled thinking
Nightingale Pledge

The Probationer, Uniform, Night
Duty and the Care of the Patient

Personal Values
Where do they come from?

Live by .. Fight for .. Die For

Values in Nursing
New Zealand's Unique Medico-Legal Environment
Disability Law
Property and Family Law
Criminal Law
Public Health Law
Tort Law
Human Rights Leglislation
Constitutional Law
Contract Law
Focus ...
Health & Disability Commissioner Act 1994 & HDC Code of Rights

Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

Accident Compensation Act 2001
Health and Disability Commissioners Act 1994
Purpose: promote and protect the rights of all health & disability service users

Provide a fair, simple, efficient way to resolve complaints
Accident Compensation Act
Purpose: to enhance public good, reinforce social contract, manage personal injury, provide a fair & sustainable system

No fault system

Focus on physical injury

Bars civil ligitation
HPCA Act 2003
Purpose: to protect the health and safety of members of the public and ensure competency of health professionals

Key Provisions
restricted use of names, words, titles, initials, abbreviations or descriptions relating to HP

no person may claim or imply they are a registered HP if they are not

offenses of the act punishable on conviction by a fine up to $10,000

Parts & Sections
Part Two: sets out conditions that a HP must meet in order to practice

Part Three: provides mechanisms for improving competence

Part Four: establishment of PCC by authorities
Moral Distress
What is it ...

What happens when it happens ...
Ethical Theories
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