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The ABCs of Thanksgiving 2015

No description

Ali Hunter

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of The ABCs of Thanksgiving 2015

The ABCs of Thanksgiving
by Ms. Alexander's and Miss Hunter's
first grade classes

Welcome to our celebration!
We present the ABCs of Thanksgiving to remind us of an important friendship between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.
The Pilgrims came to America. They wanted to practice their own religion. When they went to America they had a huge feast that lasted three days and included apples.
By John
A is for America
B is for
The big boat was called the Mayflower. The people were brave to come from England to America. They built houses and said thank you for their blessings.
By Zachary
The Pilgrims we
re cold and wore cloaks.
The Mayflowe
r's course for their new
e took courage.
By Ryan
C is for cold
The Pilgrims had a daring jou
rney to
America. It was dangerous bu
t then they
docked at Plymouth
By Miles
D is for Dock
E is for Enjoy
The Pilgrims did not enjoy England so they explored America. Everyone ate until they had enough.
By Chloe R.
The Pilgrims left England and they sailed to America because their king was mean to them. They had a feast and made new friends. The little girls were playing together.
By Amelia
The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims grow food with dead fish after their grueling winter. They also gathered berries and had a great celebration for three days.
By Kingsley
The Pilgrims got bossed around
by the
King of England and headed to
on a boat called the Mayflowe

They had
a hard trip but they were ha
ppy with their
new home.
By Stell
The Pilgrim's idea was to leave Eng
They imagined a better life in Amer
The Indians taught the Pilgrims how
grow crops.
By Van
The Pilgrims wanted justice so they journeyed to America. The Native Americans joined the Pilgrims to celebrate.
By Eliana
The Pilgrims left England becaus
e the
King told them that they had to be
part of
the Church of England. The Pilg
didn't think it was fair.
By Andrew
The Pilgrims left England to live in a new land called America. It was a long trip. They landed and learned how to grow vegetables.
By Fiona
The Pilgrims moved into the Mayflower to make the journey to America. It was a massive ship but there were too many people on the boat and they had to eat mushy peas for months. They finally made it to America.
By Brynn
F is For Food
G is For Grow
H is for Home
I is for IDea
J is for Joy
K is for King
L is for Land
M is for Mayflower
In November we celebrate the holiday Thanksgiving.
By Nicholas
The Pilgrims sailed across the ocean. They did not stop. They sailed for nine weeks. A lot of Pilgrims died. They did not have a lot of room in the boat.
By Maddie
They didn't quit even though
they had to
sail across the ocean. When the
y landed
it was cold. They built houses.
searched for food and water.
By Adaline
The Pilgrims landed near a big rock. They named it Plymouth Rock. You can still see it today in Massachusetts.
By Griffin
Squanto help
ed the Pilgrims hunt for
food. They had a
big feast. It lasted for
three days. They ha
d corn, turkey, and
fish for the
By Nadia
The Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to grow food. They taught them how to hunt. The Pilgrims were thankful for the Native Americans.
By Alden
At first they did not understand the Native Americans but Squanto spoke English so he helped them learn
how to
By Vin
At the feast they ate veg
etables. They ate
corn, squash, and bean
s. The Native
Americans taught them to
plant dead fish
in the ground with th
e seeds.
By Giulia
It was winter when the Pilgrims landed in America. It was very hard.
By Patrick
The Pilgrims were excited to reach the new world. They did not know how to hunt. Then they met the Native Americans who helped them.
By Brendan
The Pilgrims and Native Americans had a yummy feast. It was three days long. They may have eaten snakes and seals. Everything else was yummy. They were friends.
By Chloe E.
There were zero houses in their new town. They had to build their own houses. They stayed on the Mayflower while they built their houses.
By Gio
N is for November
O is for OCean
Q is for
R is for Rock
S is for Squanto
T is for Taught

is for Understand
V is for Vegetables
W is for Winter
X is for Excited
Y is for Yummy
Z is for ZERo
Even though the Pilgrims and the Native Americans were different, they learned from each other. We remember them every year on Thanksgiving.
Thank You For Coming to our Presentation.
We hope you enjoyed the abcs of Thanksgiving!
Parents for helping the students with their lines!
volunteers for the food, drinks, and paper goods for our reception!
Class moms for organizing the reception!
Ms. Gareau for the music!
Mr. Harris for letting us use the Library!

For Plymouth
The P
ilgrims sailed from a town called
uth in England. They named their new town Plymouth too!
By Summer
H is For
The trip from Englan
d was horrible.
Then the Pilgrims ha
d to hunt for
meat, harvest food and
make houses
in America during the h
arsh winter.

By Kaleb
N is for
Native Americans

They met the Pilgrims. Native
Americans helped
them hunt and plant and fish.
Then they had a
feast to say thank
By Hudson
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