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The Joy Luck Club

No description

Audrey Chan

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club
Amanda Cao, Audrey Chan, Dean Miguel Gonzales, Kenneth He, Quinnie Liang, Kelly So
period 3
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Children eventually turn out much like their parents.

Explanation: Everyone makes the same mistakes and goes through the same experiences.
Without Wood
Psychological Analysis
The Red Candle
Rules of the Game
Psychological Analysis
Rice Husband
Waiting Between the Trees
Psychological Analysis
Best Quality
Two Kinds
Psychological Analysis
Problems are universal across generations, but the solutions come from experience.
Explanation: The only way for the daughters to overcome their problems, is when the mothers impart what they have learned to their daughters. The mothers’ pasts influence their daughters’ futures.

Despite parents’ attempts to raise their children into individuals unlike themselves, their children will eventually exhibit the same qualities.
Literary Terms
One must not be blinded by predisposed ideas of an individual but rather realize and accept the fact they’ve suffered the same fate.
Literary Devices
Lindo and Waverly experience the same problem of honoring their mother’s wishes, yet still retaining their own person. They both learn that each other’s intentions are genuinely good.
Literary Devices
In order to unlock our true potential, we must be able to realize and decide what we want.
Ying-ying and Lena both share the same ability to see bad things unfolding, neither does anything to stop it from happening.
Literary Devices
One should not be concerned with their appearance towards others, but instead focus on how they view themselves.
Suyuan only wanted to see her daughter, Jing-Mei, reach her true potential, but Jing-Mei only saw disappointment from her efforts to reach her mother’s expectation.

Waverly - Rabbit
Lindo - Rat

Lena -Tiger
Ying-ying - Snake

Jing-mei - Dog
Suyuan - Pig

Rose - Tiger
An-mei - Sheep
Mixed Vegetable
Stir Fry
Tea Eggs
By: Liu Maoshan . The first painting is of a ginko tree and the second is either a cherry or plum tree.
Jay Chou - Fragrance Of Rice (Dao Xiang)
In this story, Rose demonstrates that she is susceptible to everyone’s suggestions and is indecisive when it comes to what she wants regarding her divorce with Ted. Her mother says she is “without wood” because she is incapable of making judgements and decisions for herself.
An-Mei and Rose had exhibited the same inability to speak up for oneself to ensure one’s happiness.
Metaphor - “Without wood”
Metaphor - “And really, [the psychiatrist] is just another bird drinking from your misery.” (241)
An-Mei flashes back to a time where she thinks she’ll be starting a new happy life when she leaves with her mother to Tientsin, only to see that her mother is unhappy and treated poorly but does not speak up about it.
Lindo follows through with her arranged marriage because she know this is what her mother wants for her. Lindo understands that it was hard for her mother to give her up, and therefore honors her mother’s wish of marrying into a better family that can provide a better future for her.
Waverly believes that she cannot please her mother, and is fearful that Lindo would not accept Rich. Like her mother, she wants to be in control of her own future, but still wants approval from her mother.
Psychological Concept:

Psychosocial Development -
Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Development

The daughters do not necessarily go through Erikson’s stages, but follow the same structure of accomplishing something in order to mature.

Freudian Defense Mechanism: Fantasy
gratification is achieved through daydreams

State of Consciousness: Dreams

Id- The part of our personality that contains our primitive impulses such as sex, anger, and hunger.

Denial- is an outright refusal to admit or recognize that something has occurred or or is currently occurring.
Waverly gave into her impulses and ran from her mother’s side into the narrow streets of San Francisco.
Waverly cannot accept the fact that her mother is actually a gentle and humble soul.
Through these psychological terms, Rose is able to channel her need for revenge through her daydreams and her dream of Old Mr. Chou represents her mother's presence in her life.
Hyperbole- “And [Rich] proceeded to pour a riverful of the salty black stuff on the platter, right before my mother’s horrified eyes.” (178)

Lena tries to continue to see her marriage as successful, and her relationship with Harold as equal. A part of her still feels that not everything is fair and that the marriage lacks a deeper meaning.Lena understands that her marriage is not what she expected it to be.
Ying-ying use to be “lihai” and outgoing. However, since her encounter with her first husband, her spirit has been drained from her.
The dinner only creates bickering between Waverly and Jing-Mei which left Jing-Mei humiliated. Suyuan tries to comforts Jing-Mei by saying everyone else takes top quality. The statement left Jing-Mei confused because she was unsure if the statement was criticism or a compliment.

Suyuan believed in the American idea of becoming a prodigy by forcing her daughter Jing-Mei to try rigorous exercises. This persistence eventually lead to Jing-Mei’s embarrassing efforts of becoming a pianist by failing to play her piece correctly.
Displacement- is the discharging of id impulses on an object less dangerous than those that caused it.

Survivor’s guilt- is a mental condition that occurs when a person perceives themselves to have done wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not.
Simile “‘[Waverly] is like this crab [...] Always walking sideways, moving crooked. You can make your legs go the other way’” (208).

Determinism- the view suggesting that people’s behavior is shaped primarily by factors outside their control.
Smiling, the dreams when you were young, I know
Don't cry, let the fireflies lead you to escape, folk songs in the country, you can always rely on them
Just go home
Go back to the happiness at the very start

Don't be so easy to give up, it's just like I say
For dreams you can't achieve, switch it for another and it'll be fine
Put some colour into your life, firstly paint the colour you like on love
Come on and smile, merit and fame aren't the goals
Let yourself be happy, this is what you call meaning
The paper airplane from my childhood, it's finally flown back to my hand now

Foreshadow - Through Lena’s and Ying-ying’s story, they are both able to see the bad things that happen in their lives, which these notions are later confirmed.
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