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No description

Arianne Hammond

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Cats

It depends on where the cat normally lives. If it is a stray in the city, it will either be eaten by other stray dogs, cats, and crows. If it is a stray in the country it will either decompose in a field or be eaten by scavengers. If it is a house cat, many people bury their cats in the backyard so 20 years from then they can have a successful garden after Mr. Jingles is forgotten.
Kittens are born blind and deaf. Their mother will feed them milk for the first 4-6 weeks. They should have hearing and sight by then and in the wild live on their own.
Cats, being mammals, reproduce sexually. The female has a litter of kittens after a gestation period of 64-67 days. The litters normally consist of 4-8 kittens but can be only one or up to 12.
Cells and Reproduction
Cat Cell
Human Connection
Cats normally live in all biomes because they easily adapt to live in all different kinds of climates. Although, it is proven that the origin of common house cat probably started in a coniferous forest biome.
Arianne Hammond
Block 3

Common House Cats
Food Web
Cats, as exclusive meat-eaters, rank higher on the food chain than dogs and will even eat them. Dogs are a popular food item for wild cats.
Although Mr. Jingles may not eat FiFi, cats are still carnivorous. Cats still eat mice, rats, moles, frogs and other pests. You may not notice what Mr. Jingles does in the basement all day, but he is probably keeping pests out of your house. Thank your cat every once in a while.
While cats may be carnivorous, you don't have to worry about your cat eating you. They have been so domesticated over time that many cats have even been found to not be able to survive without human help.
F. Catus

(F= Feline Catus=Cat)



While cats in the wild remain at the top of the food chain (other than humans) many domesticated cats have lost their ability to hunt, but could if they needed to and instincts kicked in.
Humans have a huge connection with cats. Not only do they rely on us for food and shelter, but we rely on them. Companionship, cuddles, sass, sarcasm, someone to talk to and pest control.
Cats have just normal animal cells. Basically no different than most other animals cells.
Environmental Factors
Household cats are not endangered species, but many frown upon hunting or harming our feline friends. Cats easily adapt and most live inside with humans, so there aren't many environmental factors that would effect the lives of cats.
Garrett Proximity
There are a ton of domestic and stray cats in Garrett. Literally. They're everywhere.
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1. How long is the gestation period for the average cat?
2. Why do cats play with their food?
3. What sound do cats make?
4. What kingdom do they belong to?
5. Do you have a cat? If so how many?
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