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UK hospital corporation Prezi

No description

Guilherme Criscuolo

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of UK hospital corporation Prezi

Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
Thanks for listening!
Is Like A Pyramid

Most of the improvement happens lower down the organisation
And the changes individually are smaller
We Need A Balanced Portfolio
Rocks & Gravel Are Different + Need Different Things
Has more
Has less
Needs more
Needs less
Change skills & experience
Change tools & methodologies
Board+External visibility
Central Control
Protect profile
It's Helpful Therefore To Stratify Our Approach


Blended Teams
Network Effect
The Programme Management
Office/Engaging With Excellence
Small number of very complex, very large, very risky or cross cutting programmes
Score = 13-15
A slightly larger number of large, complex, risky and single network projects
Score = 9-12
Scored = 1-5
The PMO Will Be Resourced By A Small Number Of Highly Skilled Programme Managers
They can drop into network projects to offer advice + support
And projects can be pulled centrally where benefits are at risk
The key thing is that the rules of the game are clear and consistently and transparently applied
The Innovation & Transformation Advisory Service will operate to consultancy firm standards at 30% of the cost
Using the lean team as a base capacity will come from
We will build a talented team of divers individuals with the latest tools to help identify, design and deliver local transformation
Team based working will be critical to development & success
ITAS Will Operate A Token Based Economy
E.g 10 people x 10 hours x 220
Days= 22,000 hours/tokens
Development & administration
Tokens are allocated in January
Using tokens helps 'clients' priorities, ITAS schedule & introduce QUASI commercial drluers for the team to perform
Put the people into ITAS + exchange for tokens
Borrow tokens from others
Wait !!
Buy temporary or permanent tokens using L
Present an additional business case for tokens to fund 'super cp' spnings
If Networks Want More Support Than The Tokens They Have...
As with the best consultancy projects ITAS Engagements will deliver using blended teams
The ITAS team will be performance managed on tokens used + customer feedback
Network / corporate directorate
Partnerships between ITAS + clients mean enlargement will be...
More likely to secure benefits
Enlargement will be run on 'commercial' basis with short 'contacts' covering them
The PMO and ITAS can act as the focal points of transformation support for the networks
Other corporate services
Core + Affinity + Network = Transformation
Big sticks & levers are no use in delivering locally driven continuous performance improvement
Appreciative leadership
Building a culture of improvement is like building a wall
Innovation pass
Innovation incubator
Aspirins leader
Staff awards
Service user involvement
Zero redundancies
Embedding the values
Communications, Enlargement & Performance Are 80% + About Transformation
Key supporting planks of transformation
COMMS + Enlarge
Improving productivity and performance outcomes by transforming the way care is organised, managed and delivered

Helping clinical teams to lead on redesigning healthcare systems and pathways, using quality and safety as the key organising principles

Single issue transformations e.g reducing sickness,reducing DNAs, improving patient satisfaction

Embedding performance management principles, by supporting leaders to create the right conditions for innovative change and ensuring benefits are realised

Advising on how to identify and sustainably implement large scale savings plans

Growing front-line staff capability, by instilling teams with the confidence and skills to implement their own improvement projects

Equipping service areas with an enduring legacy of know-how. This better enables the organisations to carry on improving long after we leave.

Facilitating teams to create local clinical strategies"
What Is Transformation?
Transformation means many things to different people.
At Lancashire Care Foundation Trust (LCFT) Transformation means doing things better.
This change can be quick or slow, small or large, simple or complex. It can be about doing what we do better, doing something differently or stopping something we used to do.
At Lancashire Care Foundation Trust (LCFT) Transformation means doing things better.
It can be about doing things for less money, improving quality or ideally both.
So Will Transformation Just Happen?
LCFT have had lots of successes in improving how we do things but much more is required in future...
The Challenges
In an environment of increasing demand and decreasing funding all areas of our business need to be transformed
There Is Work To Do
The overarching strategy needs refreshing
Networks are reluctant to use the PMO
The rules of 'the game' are not clear
Networks have been distracted
There is no 'burning platform'
Continuous improvement is not embedded
High quality central transformation resources are limited
Leading change
A Great Base
Foundation Trust, post merger, scale
Small band of committed and talented people
PMO structure with lots of lessons learned
Executive lead for Transformation, Innovation & Workforce
Lots of opportunities to go after
A System And Culture Driving Transformation
We will develop a comprehensive approach to leading, supporting and imbedding transforming at LCFT.
Leading Change
We will refresh and relaunch Engaging for Excellence and support it with a PMO with clear rules and talented people using the best tools to lead, monitor and support the largest change programmes.
The Best Advice
Where change can be led and delivered locally but people lack the necessary tools, experience and skills we will provide expert advisory support to describe and kick-start change from our new Innovation and Transformation Advisory Service - ITAS
An Improvement Culture
Widespread Culture change does not happen overnight but we will build on current successes, such as Appreciative and Aspiring Leadership, and build new and innovative approaches to embedding and improvement culture
What If We Do Nothing?
Doing nothing is not a realistic option. The world is changing around us and we need to get ahead of the competition in the best interests of the people of Lancashire
Its the right thing to do.
People fear change. Its difficult and uncomfortable. For an easy life we could just let someone else do all this for us!
Clear Rules And Scoring Will Be Developed To Allocate Transformational Changes To Each Strata
Menu Of Service
We will use a range of tools and methods to support transformation
space for say 8 very short tool descriptions
Performance insight
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