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Introduction to the 3rd edition

Jesús Azogue

on 14 October 2011

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Participants are challenged to take a broad perspective and have to come up with an entire packaging solution: not only the primary pack, but also the secondary or transport pack as well as the point of sale presentation. Innovation & sustainability are key. SCA DESIGN CHALLENGE Introduction to the 3rd edition WELCOME to the 3rd edition of the Design Challenge! Following the successes of previous Design Challenges, SCA is set to run the 3rd edition, starting September 2011 – putting the spotlight on talented designers from around the world, asking them to submit their work and rewarding them with workshops, expert advice, and the chance to see their creations presented to some of the biggest brands worldwide.

This year’s Design Challenge promises to be even bigger, better and more inspiring than before. Here’s how...

http://www.scapackaging-design-challenge.com/ What’s new?

The Design Challenge in the world


Reasons to participate Overview This year, the Design Challenge is about far more
than simply submitting work to the judging panel.

Entrants have the chance to be invited to:

Hands-on workshops for the semi-finalists in our Design Centres across Europe
Factory visits
Support from Design & Marketing department
First hand insights from the packaging experts
A presentation to a professional jury consisting of industry experts The Design Challenge participants should meet these criteria: Is not working as a designer in the packaging industry And is over 18 Finalists of each category will be brought to European Design Centres for the workshops.
During these workshops, semi finalists will be able to get advice on their project from industry professionals. Finalists will travel to the Innovation Centre at Tour & Taxis in Brussels.
We look forward to seeing influences from different parts of the world on the finished designs. The Design Challenge runs from September 2011. Timeline End of September 2011: Registrations are open and project brief will be made available online Sunday 4th of December 2011: Closing submission – all participants have to send in their work latest by Sunday 4th of December 2011 by midnight December 2011: Jury will gather and decide on the finalists per category January 2012 : Finalist will be contacted and invited for workshop February 2012: Finalists workshops in Design Centre March 2012: Finalist to send in their final work April 2012: Finalist to present for jury, closing event and announcement of winner WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE PART? An ideal opportunity for class/seminar participation – engaging, rewarding and innovative
The chance to introduce students to previous winners and experts, broadening their experience
Be part of a group of people who are committed to showcasing elite global design
Take part in the Road Show yourself – great educational content made even more interesting
Demonstrate working with global brands Inspire, educate and participate Showcase the school name as the place where the winner design was developed

A school program that provides a real working experience and the opportunity to get coaching from industry professionals Inspire, educate and participate Road Show Next September and October we will be touring around Universities & Schools in Europe to introduce the Design Challenge to your students. Our aim is to :

Provide them with a starter kit - all the info they need to participate.

Create a forum where we could answer their questions and get their insight on the challenge.

Share the experience from past winners. Interested? Take up contact and book your Road Show (free of charge) Promoting the Design Challenge on the Campus Design Challenge 03 promotional material available upon request*

Road Show at your University/ School
Information material
Video featuring your University/ School
Website banner * Free of charge Finalist & Winner of Customer Cup 1st edition Design Challenge
Today a Product Designer at SCA Innovation Center Finalist & Winner Design Challenge 2008
Today a Segment Designer at SCA Innovation Center Inspiration real case scenarios Míriam Liébana Yeste Natacha Lesty If you have any questions, queries, suggestions etc
We are here to help guide you through the participation process Stijn De Wit
Online Communications Manager
Direct Number: +32 (0)2 718 37 62

Katia Schotte
Communications Director
Direct number:+32 (0) 2 718 36 82

Angelica Gutierrez
SCA Account Manager
Direct Number: +32 (0)2 554 06 79

Marina Pascuzzi
External Communications
Direct Number: +32 (0)2 718 3648 Design challenge connect Design Challenge Campaign Site:
http://www.scapackaging-design-challenge.com/ Design Challenge Community:
http://scapackagingdesignchallenge.ning.com/ Facebook Group:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/SCA-Packaging-Design-Challenge/112844818790492 Twitter:
http://twitter.com/#!/scapackagingYoutube Channel:
http://www.youtube.com/user/scapackaging For the third edition of Design Challenge, LEGO is challenging you to come up with an innovative packaging storage system that could replace the current Bricks & More box solutions.
Your new pack design will need address the challenges of the category that make the tissue box more appealing to have on display in the home. Currently the box offerings are too big, bulky and ugly to appeal to the senses of most European buyers
Entrants have the chance to be invited to:

Hands-on workshops for the semi-finalists in our Design Centres across Europe
Factory visits
Support from Design & Marketing department
First hand insights from the packaging experts
A presentation to a professional jury consisting of industry experts Some amazing Prizes
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