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Katie Hay

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of sailsh

soap berry's. soap berry's ice cream. salmon. test pits. horse clams. cockles. bracken. camas. wapto. duwamish. deer. whale. clams. roots. FUN FACT the salsih gathered roots such as turnips and parsnips in the summer.
old man house. long houses. sailish homes. fun fact in the past the salish lived in large homes called longhouses. longhouses were most often made out of red ceader planks.
beliefs and rituals
peraids and dancing and rituals,drumming was an important part of salish music. the sailish used both handheld drums and box drums. box drums were often made from cedar. some times they had paintings on them.
sailsh by Will Shortt
FIRST NATION GROUP pacific northwest people. Vancouver island people. Washington. Seattle people . Halait people. Lummi people.
walking,boats the coast used canoes for fishing and visting other villages. salish canoes could be up to 18 m long and can carry more then 40 pepole
mi ginhctaw
the salsih were known for there excellent carving they were known for the large totem poles they carved from huge cedar logs. the totem poles usually featured humans,birds and other animals.
capes,breech cloths,decoration aprons ponchos and robes on rainy days, the Salish people wore ceder bark robes at special events. in warm weather Salish women wore aprons made from ceder bark. when it turned cold they wore dresses.
society and family
one thing that distinguishes coast Salish life is the organ ionization of there communities and society. the most important social and political group in coast Salish.
there settlement area is british Columbia
ym eman si lliw
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