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No description

Ana Lucia Berrocal Costa

on 5 September 2014

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The Peruvian group has already visited Madrid, Zurich and London
There is a latent opportunity in India, that the family Añaños took advantage when it dared to enter into this country, stressed Tulio Pita, professor of CIDE-PUCP.
The owner of Produce said that in October, he expects to raise an initiative to simplify procedures and reduce by 50% the time of evaluation of EIS in its sector
InPerú is in Europe to attract new investment
to the country
Government recognizes that it is complex for employers
to do business in Peru
Peru and India: a potential untapped market
"We are in a time when we need a revolution of the procedures. We do not want incremental change alone reducing the days that takes a certain procedure, but [...] start saying if such measure is necessary or not, and start eliminating what is not absolutely necessary " said
India is distinguished by its large consumption on luxury goods, because nearly 45 million Indians are interested in acquiring the most distinguished and selective products.

"The Indian market has a potential growth in middle class of more than 20 million people per year and a children population growth of 18 million people per year.

Also stressed that this market is very different from Chinese, because is part of the 'Commonwealth' and is formed under these customs.

It could boost the following markets:

"There is a lot of malnutrition in India, and our products like quinoa could be welcome in this market"
Monday, September 08, 2014
Vol I, No. 1
The cost of doing business in Peru is lower than in Colombia, said Minister of Economy, Luis Miguel Castilla
MEF: We will overcome the Colombia and Panama GDP in 2015 and 2016
A seventeen member delegation of IIA returns to India after completing its successful mission.
Indian Industries Association says ample business opportunities for industries in South East Asian countries
The Minister of Economy and Finance Luis Castilla said there are countries like Colombia and Panama that "today have very specific reasons to grow faster than Peru".

Colombia has managed to expand its oil blocks significantly, so it is becoming an oil producing country and has enjoyed the positive terms of trade. Added to this is that there have been discoveries and advances in coal mines.

In the case of Panama said that "much of their performance is explained by the Panama Canal expansion and that's part of growing double digits".

Despite this, "Peru will continue to be a country that stands out in their economic growth. The consensus is that in 2015 and 2016 will be the fastest growing country with the lowest inflation"
The delegation, led by its president Pramod Miglani, visited Myanmar and Thailand on August 17 to explore bilateral business opportunities and met several chamber of commerce and industries, government organizations related to industries, State Ministers.

It feels highly satisfied and expect that this will help in increasing the import and export between both countries.

The Commerce minister informed that though China has invested about 31% of the international support for the development of Myanmar and most of the items are imported from China, yet the people of Myanmar prefer to buy the products of Indian companies because of its better quality.
Archive of Finance & Development Issues
Related news
The General Budget of the Republic up 12% to S/. 130.621 bn. in 2015
The Economy Minister said the proyection of the GDP growth is cut to 4.2% in this year
From London, noted that investors value the partnership between private and public sectors to go about the country and the challenges. What´s more, exists large interest in the Pacific Alliance.

On the other side, Alfredo Thorne, Thorne Associates president said, the Lima Stock Exchange is the most open in the region stock market, facilitating capital inflows. Meanwhile, Jorge Ramos stressed the need of a long-term thought reform.

"There is interest in signing an agreement to transfer qualified people because in Spain there is high unemployment", Blanco said. Furthermore, in Madrid they were attracted to invest in construction and services sectors.

In Zurich the most attractive sectors were mining and services; while in London were the financial and infrastructure, stated the president of InPerú.

He added that this effort then will try to replicate elsewhere in the public sector
On the other hand, said that his ministry permanently will be monitoring the improvements in the regulation of their activities, and will refine the regulation in areas like labor, health and environment
Alcoholic beverages
"Wine consumption in India is revolutionary because it is consumed by status [...] so probably the Peruvian pisco could have a chance of entry"


"The textile sector in India is moving with great force and concentrated around $ 28,000 million, especially in the fashion subsector".

Peru should restore their brand and implement the training enough to make inroads into this market.
Also met the office bearers and seniors officers of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade of Thailand, Small and Medium Enterprises promotion organization Thailand and SME Development Bank of Thailand to discuss the possibilities of transfer technology and investment issues.
IMF Chief Lagarde charts a course for the IMF in the next decade.
The world has seen a staggering amount of change in the past seven decades. So, with two anniversaries in mind we focused on the transformation of the global economy. What will the global economy look like in another 70 years?
Five Nobel laureates share their thoughts on which issue promises to shape the economic landscape in the years ahead.
Kose and Ozturk chart the economic transformations of the past 70 years.
Wolf looks at the perils and promise of globalization
IMF Chief Economist Blanchard distills the lessons of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Global Warming
A Second Inconvenient Truth
Increasing Demand
The Unresolved Crisis
Secular Stagnation
Affluent Economies Stuck in Neutral
The Economy Should
Serve Society

Enabling and Adapting to
Developing Economy Growth


El Comercio

Times of India

F&D Magazine

Berrocal, Ana Lucía

Jara, Alejandra

José Luis

Siguas, Junior
George A. Akerlof
Paul Krugman
Robert Solow
Michael Spence
Joseph E. Stiglitz
"For an European country that Peru is growing 4% sounds like a blast. Investors have realized that non-repeatable factors adversely affected the economy", said Ghezzi.
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