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ZENworks 11 Presentaion Slides

Explains the structure of DNA and the relationship of DNA and chromosomes.

Daniel Moreno

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of ZENworks 11 Presentaion Slides

ZENWORKS 11 IS UNIFIED ZENWORKS XI ZENworks 11 is comprised of 4 products that share a single, unified web-based management console and agent. Zenworks 11
gives you a unique identity-based approach to endpoint management. With Zenworks 11, you have the ability to "turn on" any of the 4 products with a few mouse clicks: With ZENworks Configuration
Management, YOU CAN.... ZENWORKS 11 Configuration Management ZENWORKS 11 Many products claim to be "integrated" or to provide a "single console", but they fall short of delivering a truly
unified solution. They still rely on multiple agents and often poorly integrated consoles. In short, they fail to
deliver a unified solution that supplies the full range of capabilities. Manage ALL different Windows desktop OS and versions in your .... mixed environment !!!! MIXED ENVIRONMENT !!!! The results: Dynamically read user identity information from your directory so you can continue to manage users with your directory of choice and use ZENworks to manage the applications and policies intended for those users. What does UNIFIED mean to you? UNIFIED............. To us, UNIFIED means:
1. Using the same soliution for configuration, asset, patch and endpoint security management.
2. not having to deploy a separate agent when u want to activate endpoint security features or push out the latest critical patch.
3. Managing your entire endpoint management fleet from a single
solution, and enjoy a streamlined, seamless experience. BOOST USER PRODUCTIVITY Accelerate time-to-value and productivity of IT staff by 45% Novell ZENworks Configuration Management focuses on accelerating time-to-value for your IT staff. INTEGRATED APPROACH...
ROPORTING CAPABILITES... ELIMINATE IT EFFORT Streamline and Automate ...powerful imaging
personality migration...
...preserve desktop
minimize disroptions...

DECIDE ASSET MANAGEMENT REDUCE IT COSTS LOWER COMPLIANCE AND SECURITY RISKS Reduce your IT costs by knowing exactly what you have Maintain corporate software standards MAKE MORE INFORMED SOFTWARE PURCHASING DECISIONS With Novell ZENworks Asset Management, you'll ALWAYS know exactly what you need or don't need!!! GET POWERFUL PROTECTION FOR ALL YOUR MOBILE DEVICES LOWER PATCH MANAGEMENT COSTS AND LABOUR ZENworks PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE ... PUT END USER DEVICES BEHHIND A POTENT FIREWALL ENDPOINT SECURITY MANAGEMENT PATCH MANAGEMENT Mobile device security is a growing problem for enterprises today. More than 220 million records containing sensitive personal information were involved in security breaches in 2009, up just 35 million in 2008. Network World reports the average cost per incident is typically in the millions of dollars LAPTOPS, SMART PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS, THUMB DEVICES AND OTHER PORTABLE ENDPOINT DEVICES ARE ESPECIALLY VULNERABLE TO LOSS AND THEFT Integrate Active Directory
Multi-DirectoryEnvironments physical


configuration management

ENJOY A TRULY UNIFIED SOLUTION ELIMINATE THE HASSLE Centralized Management of all devices into a single CONSOLE.... CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT Keep in compliance with all license agreements and contracts Lower security risks KNOWLEDGE IS POWER PROTECT AGAINST BUGS IN USB STORAGE DEVICES CREATE DATA ENCRYPTION WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST SECURE DATA ?????? Endpoint Security Management is superior to typical personal firewall technologies which operate only in the application layer or as a firewall-hook driver. ZENworks Security Client includes a powerful
Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS)
driver for each network interface card (NIC),
providing protection against malicious traffic
from the moment traffic enters the PC. ENDPOINT SECURITY MANAGEMENT PROTECT
THEFT ZENworks offers data theft protection that allows you to enable/disable or set any removable file storage device to read-only, including USB, floppy, CD/DVD, zip drives, MP3 players, flash memory drives, SCSI and PCMIA cards. POLICIES INCLUDE: eNcRyPtS all data stored in administrator or user defined folders on fixed discs EnCrYpTs any data copied to a removable storage device, as well as the entire contents of that device, the moment its plugged into a PC. BOOST COMPLIANCE WITH BETTER PATCH MANAGEMENT EXPAND THE REACH OF YOUR PATCH MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Patch your system up to 13 times faster than the industry average Patch management automates the process of discovering security alerts, retrieving the patches and deploying the right ones to the right machines at the right time... MANAGE AND DEPLOY..... ...and with dynamic, dashboard style graphical reports and detailed administrative reports, you can quickly see... THE
PICTURE Dynamic graphical reports let administrators easily see which devices are in security compliance and quickly asses vulnerabilities. Daniel Moreno & Matt Dysterhuis EXISTING CORPORATIONS AND COMPANIES USING ZENWORKS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.....
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