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Discrimination against gays & lesbians.

No description

Kaira Rivera

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Discrimination against gays & lesbians.

Discrimination against Gays & Lesbians.

"But the Bible speaks against it, and because the Bible speaks against it, we allow rampant sin including homosexuality and lying, and to me lying is just as bad as homosexuality, and we've allowed this sin to run rampant in our nation."
By: Reggie White

Elements of News

Why are many people judge by their sexual orientation?

Bias Explanation: The form of bias that is used in this picture is word choice. For instance, the writer/ person used the type of words in her post to represent that she abhor homosexuals. Also, it's placement because in the picture it looks like it is the first status on a news feed.
Why is this issue important?
This issue is important because it corroborate how people can be judge by not only their gender, race, nor religion but their sexual preference instead of their character. A case in point,according to www.bullyingstatistics.org it shows that 9 out of 10 LGBT,lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, teens have reported being bullied at school..their sexual orientation.
Additionally,according to www.civilrights.org it states "gay men and lesbians face hostility, discrimination...because of their sexual orientation." To clarify, these example show that many homosexuals get discrimination by their sexual preference. In closing, multitude of people can be discriminated by their sexual orientation.
"The Hidden War Against Gay Teens"
Summary: This article is about how many teens in Christian schools get tormented by the school itself because of their sexuality and has to keep it a secret.

Source: Morris, A."The Hidden War Against Gay Teens".www.rollingstones.com. 2013

Bias Explanation: In the second article, the author used imaging to demonstrate how Christian schools do not allow anyone who is "on the other team." For example, the picture of a teacher erasing a pride color student in a Christian classroom can enhance the reader's view of the article. To continue, another form of bias that was used in the article is naming. For instance, the few words in the title are "hidden" "gay" and "teens". The effect is that the readers can now know that most teens in Christian school either keep their sexuality a secret and/or get expelled or even harass by the school itself.
Reasons why people
despise the idea of same sex relationships
It is a sin; goes against the bible
It is unnatural, against the laws of nature
Homosexuals are mentally ill, they can cause harm
Set bad examples for kids
Higher rate of a lot of diseases among homosexuals
Teens get bullied about their orientation
Grow up gay
Inappropriate role models
Discrimination Facts
Homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder until 1973.
In the U.S., 75% of students have no state laws to protect them from harassment and discrimination in school based on their sexual orientation.
In public high schools, 97% of students report regularly hearing homophobic remarks from their peers.
26%of gay teens who came out to their parents or guardians were told they must leave home.
LGBT students are three times as likely as non-LGBT students to say that they do not feel safe at school
44% of respondents in some cities reported employment discrimination as a result of their sexual orientation
32%reported discrimination in renting a housing unit.
Gay men and lesbians reported discrimination in public

" B&B owners' right to bar gay couple crushed by 'need to fight discrimination"

Summary: This article is about how a Christian couple guesthouse owners did not allowed a gay couple use their rooms because of their sexual preference. Also it's about how they,guesthouse owners, use the five Supreme Court against homosexuals.

Source: Doughty,S. and Edward,A. "B&B owners' right to bar gay couple crushed by 'need to fight discrimination".http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2514353/B-B-owners-right-bar-gay-couple-crushed-need-fight-discrimination.html .2013

Bias Explanation: In the first article the author used word choice to demonstrate discrimination against gay and lesbian couples. For example some of the words in the article were : "gay" "against" "sin" "court" and "not traditional". To clarify, this showed that the words were negative and it was used to conveyed that the gay couple were being discriminated because they were "queer". Indeed, the author also used placement. For example, in the archive of the website in this year,last month, this article was on top five. This illustrate that the article was important.
Target Audience
Article 1 is most likely read by homosexuals, other store.guesthouse owners who ban gays and lesbians, and probably people in the UK.
Article 2 is most likely read by LGBT,Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender, teens , school and Christians.
Both articles had numerous words and paragraphs.Specifically, article 1 had about six paragraphs and article 2 had about 4 paragraphs.
The articles had cited information,videos, quotes from the people who were involved, and pictures.
Both of the articles were a little bit challenging to find. Indeed, they can be found in the internet
Each of the two articles had 300 words and/or more. Also, it was used to established what happen, who were involved, and how as it solved.
Articles & Elements of News
Target Audience
The video is most likely seen by gay and lesbian citizens, LGBT teens, and anyone who has a computer, phone, or television.
The video is 2:18 long.
This video is accurate because it was found on a trusted website www.CNN.com.
This video is accessible for people who has access to a computer,phone, and other electronics.
The details were accurate, they had quotes in video, and it can be trusted because it came from CNN.com
T.V. &
Elements Of
Target Audience
Whom the person wants to see it.To continue, the post will mainly be seen the the person's acquaintances and friends.
Contains about 17 words in post.
It is not really accurate because it is just in one person's perspective/opinion.
It is only accessible to people who has access to internet connection, have a account in a social media and who has a electronic device.
Not really well-detailed since it does not contain the amount of words it should to be trusted.
Social Media
Elements Of News
"Gay teen driven to suicide"
Summary: This video is about a 14-year-old gay student who worked to help other gay teens overcome bullying commits suicide.
Source: - September 25, 2011
-"Gay teen driven to suicide."
Bias Explanation: Bias is presented in this video because the imaging shows why and how a teenage boy wanted to commit suicide because of his sexual orientation. Also, naming is used because the title of the video "Gay Teen Driven to Suicide" it can enhance the reader's perspective that this article is going to be negative and sorrow.
By:Kaira Rivera
Doughty,S. and Edward,A. "B&B owners' right to bar gay couple crushed by 'need to fight discrimination".http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2514353/B-B-owners-right-bar-gay-couple-crushed-need-fight-discrimination.html .2013
Morris, A."The Hidden War Against Gay Teens".www.rollingstones.com. 2013

Which medium presented the topic in a more unbiased manner?

I hate gays >.< They r just soooooo famine and filthy & i hope god punish them! #Gays
The medium that presented the topic in a more unbiased manner is TV.
The medium that presented the topic in a more unbiased manner is TV. The reason why TV presented the topic in a more unbiased manner because of the length and target audience. For instance, the video was about two minutes and eight-teen seconds, and it did not had most details that were mainly needed. In addition, the medium is also taken by target audience because the video is mainly seen by parents whom lost their child due by suicide, homosexuals, LGBT teens. Since it has less people who view the video it becomes more unbiased. In conclusion, this showed that television presented the topic in a more unbiased manner due to length and target audience.
Answered question
People judge gay, lesbian and bisexual people because of negative religious influence. They are taught to condemn people who are different.Most churches and religious people are extremely self-righteous people. To continue, the most important thing is the ability to fall in love and how awful life would be if we did not have that. Sometimes people don't agree with it until their own child comes out of the closet. Additionally, may people judge homosexuals because in the Bible it says that man was made for woman and woman for man. In conclusion,people are judge by their sexual preference because the religious nation think they have the mind of god and suggest they should discriminate whom does not follow what God or the Bible says.
IKR their f***s :D
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