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Woman In the Workforce

Social Problems

Shania Sinna

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Woman In the Workforce

Woman In the Workforce
The Past
''A woman's job is in the home''
This statement wasn't challenged until 1940 when woman were forced to join the work force. Rosie the Riveter Era.
After the war and all the GI's came home woman were forced back into the homes and there was a mass amnesia that woman have ever been strong

Present Day

Woman are making progress in the workforce but are still being discriminated against.

Woman make up 51% of the population in the United States but yet comprise 17% of our congress, how can we say that woman are equal if our own government isn't allowing woman the same opportunities as men.

''If people knew that Cuba, China, Irac and Afghanistan have more woman in the government than America, that would make people upset''
-Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California
Yet today there are more woman getting involved in politics then ever before
Men have to realize that woman are not trying to bring down men but bring themselves up

According to Susan M. Heathfield's ''The number of women will continue to increase in the workforce. Women will continue to have primary responsibility for home and family matters, thus affecting work attendance negatively.''
The Media's Input
People have to realize how powerful the media is, the media portrays woman as gold diggers, stupid, bitchy, catty, vindictive and not to be trusted.

If woman are the lead role it is usually in a chick flick and even then the message is get a man, get married, and have children. The man is still the center of the movie
films and TV that show woman in power

multidimensional roles to try out for, same stereotypes, men are the lead roles and the woman are looking for love or dressing like a sex model. they are never the protagonist: unless it is a romantic comedy, they don't get a destiny of being a leader. ''16% of
''We are seeing a shift in the balance of power," Deloitte human capital partner Juliet Bourke tells Women's Agenda. ''The balance has primarily been with younger workers rather than older [workers] and with the way mens' careers are fashioned rather than women's.''
Unfair wages, woman are making 77 cents to a dollar
Hilary Clinton vs Sarah Palin
In America's political system if a man is running we do not questions their age or their appearances, so why are we doing that for woman
Clinton had many issues that never were respected because the media only cared about her looks
50's and 60's
70's to 80's
90's to present

Woman's roles in Television has changed
over the years as well. The Parts they
play on screen depict how our society
views woman.

The 1950's woman would go to college but they would usually go for education. Hopefully they would never have to use it. Most woman were married an had a child while still in college.
When woman did join the workforce it was in low paying and undemanding jobs: typing and transferring calls.
Woman were wanting equal pay for equal work, and end to domestic violence, curtailment of severe limits on women in managerial jobs, an end to sexual harassment, and sharing of responsibility for housework and child raising.
During the 60's, woman started applying for more jobs, they could only apply for the jobs designated "for woman". If they did apply for a job meant for a man they wouldn't even be let in the door
There was legislation passed a bill for equal pay for woman but it did not effect anything. The jobs labeled ''Feminien'' were still a lower rate
Our Generation
Woman are working more, men are working less:
While today's Gen Y woman (aged 18-29) encounters more visible female role models in the workplace, she sometimes struggles to assert herself when it comes to her career. According to the data below, when surveyed, 54% of women proactively managed their careers, compared to 64% of men. And 31% of Gen Y women feel their careers are stagnant.
51-57 I Love Lucy
Sex in the City
Grey's anatomy

61-66 Dick Van Dyke Show
70-77 Mary Tyler Moore Show
88-98 Murphy Brown
she wanted fame and money and would do anything to get it, even if it went against Ricky's rules
She wanted excitement in her life, because she was a stay at home wife and mother, she did anything to break from it
She kept slamming against that "wall", for the limitations of that time
She would come up with an idea and case it
She didn't lose her femininity even though she was broad
Lucille Ball herself was an Empire, she built and ran a studio, she was an inspiration to all woman

Dick Van Dyke Show (Mary)
She was a modern lady, wore capris
She was independent, ''she's not just a
trapped housewife''
Even though she could leave the house
there was still that lingering idea of husband
works and wife stays home
Mary Tyler Moore

She was a newly independent woman on her own
She was the fist woman they saw on television in the working force, that was single, she didn't care that she was single and focused on her career
Murphy Brown
She just got out of rehab
she wasn't what people were used to, she didn't care if she was nice or if she was liked.
It was refreshing and liberation to woman to see a woman acting in a role that was traditionally for a male

Rosanne 88-97
Realistic portal of working mother
she couldn't hold a job but still had to
provide for her family

Sex in the City 1998-2004

Woman were acting like men,
the occasional sex, and the unknown men
Many woman were able to relate because it was like their life, the conversations are what they had with their fiends

The sitting protests were finished but woman still challenged traditional roles in the workforce
1982- the Fire departments were open to woman
self presentation
dressed how she wanted but she was in charge
ownership over sexuality

During the Woman's revolution
The ACLU Women's Rights Project was born in 1972 under Ginsburg's leadership, in order to remove these barriers and open these opportunities. That same year, Ginsburg became the first woman to be granted tenure at Columbia Law School.
With the rally's man were still trying to lead them
National Organations for Woman was formed (NOW)
Woman's Liberation
Protested agents Miss America Pageant
-Robin Morgan was the organizer
Lady's Home Journal
John Mac Carter- editor and chief
woman wanted to stop the magazine form exploiting woman in the workforce
11 hours of a sit in they got 8 pages to express their idea

Since 1978, the number of men working part-time has increased over 400 per cent, while the number of men working full-time has limped along - not even keeping pace with population growth.
they put woman in boxes, not write them as human beings.

1950s woman- only power was her beauty, they had choices but shouldn't take them, men were burdened prince charming and financial provider.

Katie Curic: first woman anchor, never cared for information, but her appearance
Year of Woman
Woman started joining the Government

Hilary Clinton-
She was not like most fist ladies
She would belittle stay at home mothers ''not staying home and baking cookies''
Started Bill's Heath Care Administration

woman professionals increased: the three main jobs were Clercal and Administration, Sales, and Community and Personal Service

The largest increased job for woman were ones in the Social Assistance Service, technical services and medical services

Even though woman are able to enter into other occupations the industries had not altered
Grays Anatomy: Cristina 2005-
This show is all about woman finding a balance between work and relationships
She was a competitive, mean nasty person

Exploring what they are doing in work and how they’re love life
The question they brought up was: how do we balance, successful meaningful, work life, personal life and also find room for a loving relationship
The idea of finding a man and getting married, babies and a husband who rides a white horse, fairy tale does not exist for these women.

Shania Sinna
Block 1
Social Problems

Challenges Woman Still Face
Maternity leave- The equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC)
James E brown and Associates

Leadership Roles-Break from stereotypes and the lack of role models for leadership in corporates culture

Sexual Harassment- Forbidden under Title VII of Civil rights act of 1964

The Glass Ceiling- Is an invisible barrier that determines the level to which a woman or other member of a demographic minority can rise in an organization

Lilly Ledbetter Law- Passed under President Obama in 2009
54-60Father Knows Best
The Good Wife
Starts with image, politician that addressing a scandal
He is thought to be the star of the show but then you see a woman beside him, mortified. Hallowed out exhausted woman, she is still going to get the lint off his sleeve.

Kept seeing the image disgraced politician, preacher etc. With a wife standing by his side. What is going through her mind, “you allowed me to become that small and unimportant” when slaps him it’s her wake up, ''What have I’ve been doing?''

Father Knows Best
The father was the be all know all, god of the house hold

He was the one he took your problems to, and he would have a wise answer
Father could consistently come up with a solution

Perfect parents, they never fought

Mother covering up everything to make the father feel like he was ''the man''


''I would like you to know that I love your father and he is a wonderful man, but he is still a man''
'Well naturally''
''Well a man likes to think that he has thought up all the ideas, so the tactful wife with justifuly decitful mesures plants the idea in his mind and maks him believe that he thought it up. And everyone is happy.
woman are protagonist. even the chick filch revolve around men. bitchy boss (Sacrificed love and family) man under woman as a subordinate and that still doesn't help us. men needs have to be meet first. woman appear to be in power but once you pull back the skin, she is objectified for the men. (that's their path to power) you don't see the woman in power. ''
Wonder Woman and Lois Lane
Wonder Woman-
She is never thought of as one of the heroes in the justice league. She should be, she may dress inappropriately but what she stands for is what woman need to hear. She is able to fight with the guys and show them that a woman can take care of herself without a man to justify her. She was not hatting men in any way but just showing them that woman aren't always conniving bitches.

Mrs. Thomson: Assistant Principal

She is a minority in this career, going to meeting and the bored here it is a primary a man dominated job. If woman typically take this job it is in an elementary school. At Buffalo there isn't any sexism among her coworkers, but she does get the occasional parent that assumes that she is not fit for the job. They feel like woman are not authoritative enough that they are too emotional, She has only encountered one student that has not acknowledged her authority. she said that it was hard to tell if they were mad the you were an authority figure or they are disrespectful because of their home life.
She doesn't let it define her, but to help with the position is to find other woman in the same field that are able to support you and ask how they navigate with a situation similar to yours. "" Its a challenge and I like to be challenge.
Good Wife 2009-
Lois Lane-
When you think of her you would normally just associate her as Superman's girlfriend, but in reality there is so much more to her and what she means to woman in the work force.
She is a woman who is pushing Clark Kent around, She is a successful reporter and has won awards for it and she has been doing this since the 1920! She was showing that she was tough enough to be in the work the man's world. Her role has changed throughout time because of the changing times, "'I think you play Lois in accordance to your cultural times, we were in the 70’s and woman’s movement caught fire. Suddenly you could be smart, outspoken and you were encouraged to be. Those of us who went through that we felt liberated, you take that value and unconsciously you put it in your character''
-Margot Kidder
Woman in the Airline
Interviews wanted to see woman's legs
Woman had to be single and between the ages of 19-32
after that they were considered too old
1965- Stewardess marched to Washington DC to file a complaint with the EEOC
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