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Landscape Urbanism: Up and Coming

No description

Aileen Wong

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Landscape Urbanism: Up and Coming

Why is it important to us? 20th Century 5 Principles of Landscape Urbanism James Corner What is
URBANISM Chongqing University
Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty Aileen J. Wong
Prof. Zhu Jie
Jun, 2013. 16 500 1,000,000 1,000,000 21st Century Parc de
la Vilette Horizontality Infrastructures Forms of Process Techniques Ecology Fresh kills park, Staten Island Before After New York, James Corner New York, James Corner The High Line Before After Seattle Art Museum
Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle,
Weiss/Manfredi Before After Seoul, South Korea Cheonggyecheon River
Reclamation Bernard Tschumi in 1980 1980 New Urbanism 1997 Landscape Urbanism $$$$$ $$ Focus on concept and design process green Focus on smart growth Adapt to the environment Create a new design Urban Design Support activity and community in public spaces, sustainability Sense of space and human scale Keep historical site, safe area, green open space Reduce traffic, safe streets, green buildings More landscape than urbanists Care more of neighborhood Landscape Urbanism High Line The Jinsha County Metro Center Urban Design Panama Pacifico Location China, Guizhou Province, Jinsha County America, New York City, Manhattan Latin America, Panama City Horizontal and vertical Horizontal and vertical Horizontal Structure High class High class and middle class High, middle and low class Social equity Landscape Urbanism High Line The Jinsha County Metro Center Urban Design Panama Pacifico Relationship between nature and pedrestian High cost Reconnects city, culture and nature Adapt techniques to the environment Focus on processes, accepts change, fluid Pedestrian path, open space, green area Brownfield redevelopment West8 Manzanares Lineal Park, Spain, Madrid Rio Before After To Conclude Redevelopment of brownfield land into functional green projects. The term Landscape Urbanism is a very complicated one. Principles of Landscape Urbanism Advantages Suggestions Production of pure air and fresher climate. Creating new green environment spaces for human purposes and needs. Open spaces and pedestrian path. Area around safer. Landscape Urbanism should incorporate planning and design with small scale Traffic congestion
Concentrated poverty Disadvantages of Landscape Urbanism Prepare fields for action Less worried with what things seem like and more concern with what they do Makes the invisible, visible Landscape Urbanism as “machinic”
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