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A Collage of My Life Project

No description

Laura O'Toole

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of A Collage of My Life Project

Playing lacrosse and field hockey (physical)

Listening to music (emotional)

Hanging out with friends (social)

saving money (financial)

Preparing for college (intellectual)



* Active/ athletic

* Determined

* Friendly

Major Purchases
Short Term SMART Goal
I could put $20 away from every time I babysit for the next 6 months, so I can purchase a new lacrosse stick.
Long Term SMART Goal
If I continue to save more money and not buy senseless small things, I could save up a little more leeway money by the time I get to college in 2016.
My Future
Three things I could do right now to help me achieve my future would include being a little more smart with my money (so I can help pay for my college tuition), continue to play lacrosse in hopes of getting a scholarship to a good school, and set little goals along the way to keep me on track on what I need to achieve.
A Collage of My Life Project
Laura O'Toole
Well- Being
(what I enjoy)
College Tuition

A car

Money for travel

Concert tickets


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