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Theology of the Body for middle school

No description

Shannon Haddad

on 24 September 2017

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Transcript of Theology of the Body for middle school

Theology of the Body:
Chapter 4: How Should I Act?
Theology of the Body

Chapter 1: Who am I?
Who are you?
Discovering God's plan for love and life
Chapter 2: Our Story
Free will
Original sin
Our Story
A Cheap Imitation
It's not always easy to spot the fake, especially when it comes to
. Why?
Pod Discussion:
1. What are characteristics of
love & friendships?
2. How can you tell if love/friendships are
3. Why is
an important part of love & friendships?
Chapter 3: Me, Myself and I
Body and Soul

Game time:
Body Language
The human body can "
" without even using words!
The Human Person
O Happy Fault!
How should I act?
Best version of YOU!
= a strong habit of doing what is
Becoming Lazy
Building Virtue
Ch. 5: Sex, Love and Chastity
Male and female He created them
Battle of the Sexes
Made for Love!
Importance of Modesty
What is the "Theology of the Body"?
What does it mean to be a
human person
1. In relation to God ("image and likeness")
2. In relation to myself (my purpose)
3. In relation to others (relationships)
The Heart and Mind of St. JPII
In the midst of deep sufferings, he sought to discover the
of humanity
What's the Big Deal?
The Theology of the body tells us the truth about
who we are
what our purpose is!
What's life all about?
Society's perspective:
A different side...
Pod Discussion:
1. What do you think about Kylie's story?
2. In what way(s) can you relate to her struggles?
3. At what point in her life do you think Kylie felt most free? Why?

We are made for more!
freedom exists for the sake of love." - JPII
POD DISCUSSION: If you had to explain what a human is to alien, how would you do it ?
What makes us different from animals?
“Human beings are the
creatures that God created just to love and be loved.” CCC 1703
A "Selfie" Culture
What are some things that influence the way we see ourselves?
i.e. Modern media (TV, movies, social media...etc.)
It's not reality!
More than our flaws!
You are a gift!
“Man cannot find himself except through a sincere
of himself.” -Gaudium et Spes 24

The more we give of ourselves, the more we actually receive!
Society tells us that goal in life is to ‘
have it all!'
and freedom is ability to get it! Can you think of potential
with this?

"What is poverty? Look at your own country, look at America. Poverty is not just in India. Look at the abortions that take place. People are afraid of children, so afraid that they decide unborn children must die. Look at the people who are lonely. We live in a world where there is hunger, not for a piece of bread, but also for love. People feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for. Why? We are too busy. We have no time even to smile at each other."

Interview with Mother Teresa
POD SHARE: What do you think
would say is the purpose of life? Freedom?
A Lesson from Heavyweights
Represents society's view of
1. Where does this idea come from?
2. Where does this "freedom" lead us?
3. What is the answer then?
1. Consequences!
2. Empty promises!
3. Self-seeking!
How does this compare to society's perspective? What does this freedom look like?
America: The Poorest Country
What do you think is the cause of the poverty Mother Teresa is talking about?
This type of poverty is caused by not recognizing who we are and what our purpose is
What will make me happy?
What are you looking for?
Our greatest desire in life is to be
We experience "
" of this type of happiness in this life, which points us to Heaven
1. When you were little, what made you happy?
2. What do you think will make you happy when you're older?
3. What are the similarities/differences between your two answers?
Happiness depends on knowing who we are, which determines the choices we make!
Do you believe this?
"Life opens up when you do!"
ACTIVITY: Taste Test!
1. How could you tell which brand was the real one?
2. Which one had the more enjoyable taste? Why?
3. How does this analogy relate to our understanding of sin?
What about when it comes to Love & friendship?
4. Why do we sometimes
settle for less
than real love in relationships & friendships?
No words allowed!
On a piece of paper, write down something to be acted out.
Make sure you act out in complete silence!
: Correctly identity what is being acted out
What are their bodies "saying"?
God designed our bodies to be
, but what are our bodies made to say?
(DISCUSSION: Can you think of examples of this?)
is a cheap imitation of the love we are made for, but it is often deceiving.
Genesis 2 & 3
Genesis 2: Key Points
4 Rivers
Precious Stones
Adam's role
Tree of knowledge
Adam's "helpmate"
Genesis 3: Key Points
Original Lie
It's Eve's fault?
Clothing of "skins"
Original Sin
Original sin
is like a lost inheritance = deprived
restores our relationship with God, but
(inclination) remains.
3 effects of original sin:
(1) Weakened will
(2) Darkened Intellect
(3) Disordered desires
Broken Relationships
What girls really mean
: How have these fundamental relationships been distorted through sin? Examples!
1. God
2. Self
3. Others
4. Nature
Do you think God could've prevented Original Sin? If so, why didn't he?
Through Christ, we experience an
even greater
unity with God than Adam and Eve! (Friendship vs. Sonship)
Marshmallow test
A human person is a
Soul =
Antimating principle of the person
Body =
Material expression of the soul
Death =
Separation of the soul from the body
How do our bodies help us express love?
“The body in fact, and only the body, is capable of making visible what is invisible: the spiritual and divine. It has been created to transfer in the visible reality of the world the mystery hidden from eternity in God and thus to be a sign of it.” (TOB 19:4)
Body and Soul
What makes you beautiful?
Lizzie Velasquez
: What do you think makes someone "beautiful"?
Our beauty is not limited to
physical appearance
. We are beautiful because we are a
reflection of God
who is Beauty itself.
Christ is Perfect Beauty
: What if anything is beautiful about this?
"No greater love than this."
Through the
, Christ shows us what it means to be human
Through His
, Christ reminds us of our calling.
Naked & Ashamed
: If you receive a treat, you may NOT eat it. Wait for further instructions.
This is the process of
(choosing right from wrong), which ultimately helps us to become virtuous people (the goal of our moral life).

Practice makes perfect
: What are some habits of yours? How did they develop?

= a strong habit of doing what is good. Helps us to answer the question:
How should I act?

Cardinal virtues
= Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance
Theological virtues
= Faith, Hope and Love
Questions for video:
1. What is the "natural law"?
2. What is the core principle of the natural law?
3. What allows athletes to reach their goal?
4. How is virtue like "muscle memory" for our life?
: What are some things that hinder you from being yourself?

We don’t realize that the more we grow in vice, the harder it becomes to begin to practice virtue.

: Who is your life is a model of virtue? Why?

= Someone who has practiced
heroic virtue
in their life.

Saints practice virtue with the help of God’s
& the
(E.R. acronym)

Virtue makes you beautiful!
: What qualities describe a woman? What qualities define a man?

Our identity as male or female is meant to reveal who we are and who God is =
(PB & J!)
Boys vs. Girls
What do we mean by "
Love, Lust or RUN!
: What do you think the opposite of love is? Why?

“The opposite of love is not hatred. It is use.” -JPII

= a form of use that desires sexual pleasure at the expense of another's good. What's the difference?
Worth Dying For
Dating with Purpose
: How old were you when you had your first crush?

Society -
Reality -
If you are attracted to someone then you should date them = recreational approach
The purpose of dating is to discern who you are called to marry = intentional & purposeful
What is our society's "relationship pyramid"?
Importance of Chastity
: What comes to mind when you think of chastity?

Is this what you picture?
= A virtue that directs our desires towards the good of the other.

Chastity is more than
(just saying no) in the sense that it helps us learn to love rightly by setting healthy boundaries.
: What comes to mind when you think of modesty?

= Reveals who we are by acting
dressing in accord w/our dignity. It is different from

When we dress and behave modestly, it draws attention to our
whole person
and not just our bodies.
A guy's perspective
Is he a keeper?
So, how can you make sure to attract Mr. Right?

When might it be time to say goodbye?

"Dump Him" List
The Beauty of Woman
Original sin has distorted flip-flopped our fundamental calling as a man or woman.
- Tempted to feel unworthy and need to pursue

-Tempted to become passive out of fear of rejection
Settling for less
desiring the good of another in a free, total, faithful, and fruitful way (marriage vows)
Love is not merely a feeling. It is an act of the will.” JPII

Self- gift
Involves sacrifice
Other focused
Won't sacrifice
Self focused
"Love can wait to give, but lust can't wait to get."
High Risk Dating
"Diving" in too quickly
"Hey I just met you...marry me?"
: What are some risks in seeing dating as merely recreational?

High Risk" Dating
= Moving too quickly both physically and emotionally

(Can you think of examples of "high risk" dating?)
The problem is, these relationships often don't last because there is no foundation and we risk experiencing hurt and heart break.
Low Risk Dating
"Uh, wanna play shuffleboard?"
"Yay for purity goggles!"
: What do you think “courtship” is?

= A period of getting to know a person before jumping into a romantic relationship (a.k.a. Intentional friendship!)

It involves spending time with each other's friends and family in order to really get to know th person.
(Can you think of examples of "low risk" dating?)
ACTIVTY: Love vs. Lust
Can you tell the difference?
What about the Bikini?
: What does a "modest" swimsuit look like?
Princeton study discovered men's brains responded differently to women in bikinis vs. modest bathing suits.
History of the bikini
How would you feel?
Resisting pointless dating
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