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Worm Poo 4 WPP's

No description

Abby Chaplick

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Worm Poo 4 WPP's

The Official Worm Poop Prezi By: WPP #1 Things We Have Done The WPP's have created a Worm Poop pledge, a document with manners that the worms need to be taught, a worm habitat, a worm poo flag, and a document for the WPP's to chat on about WP. (worm poo) Worm's That Must Be Remembered Noodle- Noodle is a long skinny male, worm who is owned by WPP #2 and lives in tub #2, tub blue. He was named Noodle because he is really just a small, pink noodle looking thing. Viv- Viv is a long fat female worm who is owned by WPP #2 like Noodle. She is Noodle's sister,
and lives with him in tub #2, tub blue. She was
named Viv because viv=life, and she is full of life. (vivacious) And WPP #2 Shorty- Shorty is a small fat male worm who lives in Tub #2, Tub Blue, with Noodle, and Viv, and is owned by WPP #2. He was named Shorty b/c he is just VER VERY short. Apple- Apple is a short skinny worm, who is owned by WPP #2, lives with Noodle,
Viv, and Shorty in Tub #2, Tub Blue. The way
we recognize him, is that he has a 1/2 black
body, and a 1/2 pink body.
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