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The sun is the main source of light and heat for things living on earth

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Bree Thunell

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of The sun is the main source of light and heat for things living on earth

3rd Grade Science
Standard 5
Students will understand that the sun is the main source of heat and light for living things on earth.

Objective 1
Provide evidence showing that the sun is the source of heat and light for Earth.

By: Bree Thunell
Temperatures Are Different In Sunny And Shady Places.
How Does Sunlight Affect Plant Growth?

How Does Sunlight Affect People And Animals
Too much sunlight can cause a sunburn on both people and animals.

Too much heat can dry up the animals watering holes.
Our Sun, The Source Of Life On Earth
Misconceptions About Heat
click on the link below

(n.d.) Retrieved from you tube video

Plants require sunlight to grow.

If a plant that likes a lot of sunlight doesn't get enough light, it won't grow as large.

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