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Medicinal Plants

No description

thames thames

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants
by Ambika Singh

Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants are very unique we can call them as the savers of the world.

They can help us with the cure of many dieseases.
Medicinal plants
The Tulsi (Basil) plant cures fever, Beats diabetes, protects the heart, helps to quit smoking etc.

Neem tree leaves area cure for Fungal disease & Viral disease and it is a cure for Poison as well.
Medicinal plants
This is a aloe vera, it helps to protect our skin and we can use it as a face wash. Its jelly is very sticky like a glue. It cures gum disease and enhances Skin Health, regulates energy level, and ends Constipation.
Medicinal plants
Now i am going to tell you about a live structure of a plant cell and the parts of a plants.
Medicinal plants
Cinchona plant is found in central america, Jamaica, South Atlantic. It gives us the medicine Quinine which cures malarial fever.
Medicines from plants
Many of the powerful drugs used in modern medicines originated in Plants.
The Cinchona tree's bark gives us quinine against malaria.
The Toothpickweed is used in medicines to treat asthma and heart pain.
Morphine comes from Opium plant, used as pain reliever.
The list is endless, and goes on...
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