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Mary Alford

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A Place for Tiny
& Small Homes

November 9, 2016

Mary Alford, PE
The Sustainable Design Group

Background: Mary Alford, PE

East Gainesville: Historic neighborhood fabric of small lots, 50 x 100 feet
Here is one house:
Here is another house:
What is the difference between these two lots?
It's the location
Appraisal value (comps)
Banks won't loan money
Property undervalued
Existing services and infrastructure
Empty Lot: less than $10,000
If I wanted to subdivide in East Gainesville: $30,000 per lot
A RabbleHouse is:
1000 sqft under roof, 600 conditioned
Designed to be built by volunteers, semi pros
Cost of construction $35000
Durable and efficient
Fits into historic fabric of neighborhood
City of Archer:
Previous site of trailer park
Existing infrastructure
Opportunity for affordable small housing
Good design matters
Don't want trailer park of the future
Get all the players on board and understand repercussions
Cohousing is an intentional community, with private homes supplemented by shared facilities.
Gainesville Cohousing has been actively working towards breaking ground for since 2012.
A type of pocket neighborhood here in Alachua County:
Now, let's talk about the people who need housing the most.
In Gainesville we are lucky to have Grace Marketplace and Dignity Village
But there is little dignity in trying to get and keep a job if you live in a tent.
Keep clothes dry
Keep an alarm clock
Keep tools from being stolen
Keep your body or a child safe
Create a rental history

How do we permit these kinds of structures? (Or do we?)
Safe, sturdy and provide egress and accessibility.
Don't meet basic code.
Neither did much of the emergency housing after Katrina
Temporary, transitional housing...
On wheels?
And the next "level" of housing
Qualify and "rent"
Money back if cared for
Rental history established
Cost to build:
Less than $10,000
Comfortable, secure
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