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The Outsiders: How the main "Greasers" are Heroes:

Here's about how the Outsiders Book's Main Characters are heroes!

Kolton Lancaster

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of The Outsiders: How the main "Greasers" are Heroes:

The Outsiders: How the main "Greasers" are Heroes:
By: Kolt Lancaster

First of all, what IS The Outsiders?
Steve Randel
Johnny Cade
Dally Winston
Sodapop Curtis:
Darrel (Darry) Curtis:
Two-Bit Matthews
Ponyboy Curtis:
1. The Outsiders is:
A book by S.E. Hinton, and when she wrote this book, she was the age of twelve, who has written countless
amazing books for young people, like you and me!
2. The Outsiders is about:
A teenager named Ponyboy Curtis and his Brothers, Sodapop Curtis and Darrel Curtis, and friends, Two-bit, Dally, Steve, and Johnny. It is a miraculous story about how friendship can go a long way.
3. What I will talk about is:
How each main "Greaser" are heroes in the book.
1. Soda is:
A hero because he is always out to protect his brothers, even if it is the "Superman" (they sometimes call Darry Superman) himself.
2. Soda is also:
A Hot-headed teen, but he still "uses his head" when he has to.
3. Soda is finally also:
The most caring among the gang, except for Pony.
1. Darry is:
Pony's and Soda's big brother who always takes care of them.
2. Darry is also:
A muscular and handsome man who will do anything to keep his brothers safe.
3. Darry is finally also:
Darry is a hero because he is always out to save his little brothers from harm.
1. Steve is:
Soda's best friend and they work together to make a living. They work at a DX Gas Station.
2. Steve is finally also:
A hero because he can make a heck-of-a-time with his friends to make them turn their spirits pleasant and happy.
1. Johnny is:
A caring and loving character, but he has a horrible relationship with his family, and a horrible mugging, or "jumped". The mugging is why he has the scar on his cheek.
2. Johnny is finally also:
A hero for saving those kids, since he is scared to death by the thought of death and mortally injured, and also, he is shy, so that was really hard for him to do that.
1. Dally is:
A teen that has a few rumbles, or fights, under his belt, and sometimes even witnessed a murder in New York!
2. Dally is finally also:
A hero because he is fearless: he never fears for himself when someone is in need, and if they are in need, he helps them.
1. Two-bit is:
A piped up teen who likes to have a good time with his friends.
2. Two-bit is finally also:
A hero because he can always be counted on when his friends need to, like when Dally asked him for his Black-Handled Switchblade, Dally counted on him to give it to him and he gave it to him. This was on page 125, chapter 8.
1. Ponyboy is:
A young man with a brave heart, and will do things to help people in need, like at the burning Church for instance. He went in without fear and helped those kids. This was on page 91, Chapter 6.
2. Pony Is also:
A "Greaser" Stereotype that sometimes "doesn't use his head", like his brothers Soda and Darrel (also known as Darry) sometimes says to him. You can find that at page 13, Chapter 1.
3. Pony finally is also:
A hero for being someone to help when there is need of help. Plus, he is also a kind and caring person.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Reference Page:
GoogleImages.com/The Outsiders Gang
The Outsiders
. New York: The Penguin Group. 1967.
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