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Ripley's believe it or not! (:

Kate's photo essay! (:

Kate Morley

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Ripley's believe it or not! (:

Bubble gum wrapper dress!!
Iowa High school student Elizabeth Rasmuson made her prom dress completely out of gum wrappers. She even made a matching vest for her prom date!! Why did she make such a dress?? she had no money to buy a different dress....maybe I should get a dress made of bubble gum wrappers...sounds pretty weird...but wait till you see this... A painting Beluga whale named
Xiao Qiang, had all the rage in China.
How did the people react?? Everybody
wanted his autograph!! An octopus with 96 tentacles!! It
sorta looks like something from
a science-fiction movie...i guess
it's not really an octopus anymore!! Rotating house!!
Have you ever seen a
rotating house before??
The house is located 40 kilometres from Wingham,
in hinterland of the Manning Valley on the Nowendoc River.
It was built using glass and steel. I would LOVE to live there!!! (: This is Mandy sellars,
and she has a condition
called Proteus Syndrome.
This causes bones to
grow abnormally. Mandy
only weighs 68 pounds
without her legs. Her legs
both together weigh 286
pounds. That would be
hard to walk!! Doggie Gaga!!
Photographer, Jesse
Freidlin, specializes in fine
art dog portraits, but this time
he has gone too far!! He is
organizing a Doggie Gaga photography project!!
Not really the same as the singer!! Take a close look at this
picture. how old do you think
she is?? If you guessed thirteen,
you are actually right!! This girl named
Zara Hartshorn and she suffers from
lipodystrophy a disease that makes her look aged for years. I would rather not look like a 50 year old woman. 3-year-old tight rope
walker!! A family of acrobats performs a tight rope act over a group of hungry Siberian tigers!!! And the star of this family of acrobats is a 3 year old girl. I'm not very fond of hights, I could very well not do that!! Ripley's Believe it or not!! (:
By Kate Man sleeps beside his dead
wife for 5 years!!! :O
This man is named Le Van.
His wife passed away in 2003
but he missed her so much that
he slept on her grave site. then, he
dug a tunnel next to her grave so he
could sleep next to her. then he finally dug
up her body took her home and molded her
face and body with clay so he could sleep next
to her like she was living. CREEPY.....wanna see
something gross?? check this out... MAn Marries anime pillow!! :O
This is Lee jin-gyu. He is 28 and his wife is a
pillow. Sounds pretty crazy, huh?? The pillow
had the face of Fate Testarossa, a character
from a show in China called Mahou Shoujo lyrical Nanoha. The wedding was actually
official and his friends claimed that he took
the pillow on dates and even ordered food for it!!! The World's smallest snake!!
This is the Barbados thread snake.
It was discovered in 2008 and it is
smaller than 4 inches!! Believe it or not!! Accident Prone Street Covered in Bubble Wrap!!
The people of Somerville Road in Worcester, England
have submitted ten insurance claims per year for the
last ten years asking them to wrap everything and I mean
EVERYTHING in bubble wrap!! I wouldn't want my family car being wrapped
in bubble wrap, and looking like an idiot driving to school with my mom. The longest gum wrapper chain!!
Gary Duschl created this amazing chain
of bubble gum wrappers. You can see
this chain at Ripley's believe it or not in
times square beginning wednesday
march 10th 2010. Sausage footballs!!
These footballs were
found on the Norm Thompson
website. They cost $26.95, great
to eat during the super bowl!! Guy get glasses tattooed on
his face!!
This person named Matthew
litterally got glasses tattooed on
his face!! I wonder why...to impress a
girl?? I don't think so... Man with very broken arm!!
Torron Eeles of Welham Green, England
broke his arm in December 2008 and had four separate
surgeries cancelled. I don't think I would cancel those
surgeries...OUCH!!! Avatar girl!!
Twenty-two-year old Wu Ziaoyan,
of southern China has suffered from
Fibrous Dysplasia, a tumor that has effected
her seeing and smelling. I wouldn't like to have
Fibrous Dysplasia. Boy survives being stabbed
in the head!! :O
A 17-year old boy in Jilin, China was
stabbed with a 12 inch knife and
survived!! he and one of his so called
"friends" were playing video games and
he was accused of cheating and was
well, stabbed in the head. I'll never ever cheat at
video games. Thank you for watching and listening to my prezi about
Ripley's believe it or not!!! By: Kate (: Crazy, fun,
and weird stuff!
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