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Biology Cell Analogy Project

No description

alexis chadbourne

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Biology Cell Analogy Project

Cell Analogy Project By: Alexis Chadbourne The Nucleus is like the C.E.O of a company because like the C.E.O the nucleus controls everything. The Cell Wall protects the plant just like a warrior's armor. The Cell Membrane controls which substances enter the cell, Just like a coffee filter. Ribosomes organize proteins just like a filing cabinet organizes papers. The Golgi Apparatus packages substances produced by the cell just like a packing plant. The Endoplasmic reticulum prepares the proteins for export and breaks down any toxins, just like an inspector makes sure nothing harmful is in our food and makes sure everything is being packaged correctly. Mitochondria supply energy to the cell, just like an energy drink supplies energy to humans. The Vacuole stores enzymes and metabolic waste, almost like a water bottle stores water. Lysosomes digest things like old organelles, viruses, bacteria, DNA, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates; like pac-man eats yellow dots and the little characters. Microfilaments hook together to make a chain, just like a barrel of monkeys. The Nuclear Membrane stores chromatin, almost like a lunch box stores food. The Nuclear Pore is like a water filter, it keeps some things out but lets some things through. The Nucleolus is where the ribosomes are made, just like the toothpaste factory in the movie Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. Chromatin is a combination of DNA and Protien, like cereal and milk, they come together to form one meal. The Cytoplasm holds the the structure of the cell and its organelles, just like jello holds fruit inside. The Chloroplast converts energy from sunlight into chemical energy, like a solar panel. Now for the things Animal Cells have that plant Cells don't, Spindle Fibers and Cilia. Cilia are like a centipede's legs, they help move the cell around. Spindle Fibers are like a motorboat's propeller, during cell division they help with the movement. The End :)
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