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Gavi Alliance Strenghts

No description

medoulou cleopasse

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Gavi Alliance Strenghts

public and private partnerships
Involving Government to take part in their Glbal actions, they are the major Donators

Private contibution is 20% of the total, corporations, Private individuals & foundations are very important for GAVI

Dealing with Issue Regarding Vaccines
The Aim is to Deliver Vaccines and other immunisaion Products accessible and affordable for developing countries with low income
list of references
About GAVI Retreaved the 23/02/2017 from http://www.gavi.org/about/

Country Commitment to CO-Financing Retreaved the 23/02/2017 from http://www.gavi.org/about/gavis-business-model/country-commitment-to-co-financing/

Donor Profils Retreaved the 23/02/2017 from http://www.gavi.org/funding/donor-profiles/

Public & Private Partnerships Retreaved the 23/02/2017 from http://www.gavi.org/funding/how-gavi-is-funded/public-private-partnerships/
Strategy & global actions
Planing a global action in order to improve health by providing vaccins for developing countries and the develop countries
Gavi Alliance Strenghts
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