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Software Project & Engineering Process

No description

Dillon Bendig

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of Software Project & Engineering Process

Project Directory
C# in Unity(Monodevelop)
New but within reach
Project Idea/Planning
Target Shooter
Erika (UI basics help)
Tanner (Data between scenes)
Aidan (Help with userscore)
User score not working
Stopped after 1
Script was destroyed on each individual target
Separate script object to hold the user score and update it
Engineering Process
User score displayed on an end scene
Did not know how to move data between scenes
Used do not destroy on load & serialized the variable
Linked the text boxes with multiple inspector tabs, through scenes
Engineering Process
Target hit sound effect
Script was being destroyed
No sound output
Separate game object to play the target sound effect
Engineering Process
Software Project & Engineering Process
Dillon Bendig
First Person Shooter
Main/End Menu
Time Limit
User Score
Sound FX
Background Music
What would I do differently next time?
Test the Build and Run early on
Use Canvases instead of scenes
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