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Ocean Acidification

No description

kaitlyn scaffidi

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification Chemical Equation: C02+CO3+H20 -> 2HC03 Products: H2CO3 Reactants: CO2+H2O 2 carbon, 6 oxygen and 4 hydrogen whats happening in this chemical reaction is, carbon dioxide and water are being combined to form carbonic acid this equation is balanced
reaserch question:
how does ocean acidification affect the living organisms in the ocean? It's important to balance equations to show that is follows the laws of conservation Catalyst: A catalyst is something used to speed up a chemical reaction The ocean absorbs one third of the carbon dioxide in the air. As it dissolves, the PH level decreases which causes the water to be more acidic. This reasearch had an impact on me because i didnt realize how much ocean acidification harmed the living organisms in the ocean Yhis affects the living organisms in the ocean because the calcium carbonate that is found in the skeletons or shells of the living organisms dissolve. This happens because of the low PH level in the ocean which causes the availability of caronate ions to decrease, and lowers the saturation state of shells needed for life. The information I have found relates to the real world because ocean acidification is an on going problem and because of it living organisms found in the ocean are being harmed.
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