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From Radio Gaga to the Internet Blogosphere

A look at the communications policies that effect us today

Jacqueline Zarka

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of From Radio Gaga to the Internet Blogosphere

From Radio Gaga to the Internet Blogosphere A policy analysis of the communications policies that affect us today
A Thesis by Jacqueline Zarka A Play in Three Acts Communications Act of 1934 Telecommunications Act of 1996 Internet Preservation of Freedom Act of 2009 P O W E R P olitics roblems olicies John Kingdon's
Streams of Theory Media Coverage Collective Decisions through Inaction publicity-concious politicians
name recognition
apply bias to debated issues
Grassroots movements
Lobbying More money = more influence non-decisions
when to tackle an issue Problems Politics Policies Limited Radio Stations Available Communication Regulation "public interest, convenience, or necessity" And so.... Federal Radio Commission is created Of the five commissioners, only one was not associated with a national broadcaster Lobby War 2% airwaves "greatest lobby of all time" versus NBC ABC CBS universities churches nonprofit interest groups unions 1934 Depression Midterm Election Year fear of alienating possible allies for bigger programs
lack of philanthropic support Politicians extra concerned about their public image Problems Policies Politics New technology Television Internet Telephones Cell phones Before After One corporation 12 stations nationwide
25% influence over public One corporation unlimited stations nationwide
35% influence Senator Hollings stated 35% of influence was
"better than being President of the United States" Lobby War ? versus NBC CBS ABC FOX AT&T New Media required law to be reopened Take advantage of attention elsewhere Problems Net Neutrality Policies Politics Net Neutral Neutered Net Comcast Verizon AT&T Time Warner NBC? versus Facebook MySpace Twitter Skype Google/YouTube eBay Amazon.com PayPal Internet Service Providers Internet Content Providers Health Care Crisis Recession Administration Change Residual resentment from 14 month debate New Administration with a lot of topics to cover Not Congress legislated, rather left to the FCC Poliicy changes with administration ass opposed to set in Legal Stone Future? Uncertain Media Undecided ? Comcast-NBC merger ? Of the 5 commissioners, only one was not affliated with corporate broadcasting Comcast-NBC? Conventional Media vs Social Media? NBC
ABC CBS FOX Facebook MySpace Twitter
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