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Calvin Fairbank

No description

Emma Winstanley

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Calvin Fairbank

his Jail experience...
Fairbank was sentenced in prison twice for setting slaves free by transporting them through the underground railroad.
During one eight year period alone, Fairbank claimed he received over thirty-five thousand, one hundred and five stripes from the lash. Although confined with murderers and thieves, Fairbank lost his youth and his freedom for the "crime" of helping Kentucky slaves escape to freedom.
To Fairbank there was "very little difference between the condition of the prisoner and that of an actual slave."
The end...
After fairbanks two different marriages and having a son in 1868, Fairbank wrote his memoir, publishing it in 1890 under the title, Rev. Calvin Fairbank During Slavery Times: How He "Fought the Good Fight" to Prepare "the Way." This effort earned him little money.
Sadly, Fairbank died in near-poverty in Angelica, New York. He was buried in New York at the Until the Day Dawn Cemetery.
Fairbanks life...
Calvin's career started after listening to the stories told by two escaped slaves who after he had met. They convinced and made Fairbank became strongly anti-slavery.
He began his career freeing slaves in 1837 when, piloting a lumber raft down the Ohio River, he ferried a slave across the river to free territory. Soon he was delivering escaped slaves to the Quaker abolitionist Levi Coffin for transportation on the Underground Railroad to northern U.S. cities or to Canada.

Calvin Fairbank was born on November 3, 1816 and died on October 12, 1898.
Fairbank was known being an American abolitionist and Methodist minister from New York state who was twice convicted in Kentucky of aiding the escape of slaves. Fairbank had served a total of 19 years in prison. He is believed to have aided the escape of 47 slaves.
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