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Socratic Seminars with Technology!

A brief introduction on how to incorporate technology into Socratic Seminars

Lindsay Lyon

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Socratic Seminars with Technology!

Socratic Seminars Using Inner and Outer Circles
with Technology 2. Divide the class into 2 circles 1. Begin with a text--both circles must have read the text before class 3. The inner circle sits on the floor or in a way that the outer circle can see all members REVIEW GROUND RULES FOR INNER CIRCLE: 1. Use your real name in the Chat Room
2. Contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way; act as if you are in the Inner Circle
3. DO make suggestions about how the Inner Circle could improve, but BE POLITE Establish Outer Circle Conduct Rules for "Today's Meet:" **Texting language is allowed, as long as it is "school appropriate!" Outer Circle should click on the link that
allows them join "Today's Meet" Stimulus:

http://www.educationnation.com/casestudies/carpediem/ Inner Circle: Come up with at least 1 question or comment you have about the video. http://todaysmeet.com/AISRPD Outer Circle: Open up Today's Meet,
and enter the chat! Examples from my class Transcript of Today's Meet with Students:
http://todaysmeet.com/endofnovelperiod5/transcript Photo of Soc. Seminar with Computers Video Overview: 4. The inner circle begins the dialogue, and the outer circle participates via "Today's Meet" Now "we do" : Inner Circle: Dialogue Outer Circle: add to discussion on Today's Meet Comments? Questions? Suggestions? OCT. 6--Mapping using the iPad projected on the white board! Mapping--using the iPad to "map" the discussion One more thing... A few suggestions to students via the iPad (during the Seminar!)
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