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Devin Hounshel

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of BEOWULF

The History Of BEOWULF
Hroðgar, the king of the Danes,
whose great hall, Heorot,
is plagued by the monster
History of Beowulf Epic
The Beowulf Epic was originality passed down by word of mouth
Oral Tradition
It is estimated to have been first written down in Old English betwixt 400-700
Old English Translation
It was soon re-translated to Middle English
Middle English Translation
(Something We can actually read)
In 1815 the Epic was finally translated to what we now find in Modern English
Finally Modern English
In 1731, the manuscript was badly damaged by a fire that swept through a building housing a collection of Medieval manuscripts assembled by Sir Robert Bruce Cotton
In the epic there are several conflicts between good and evil some of the most major are the conflicts that Beowulf encounter.
Evil Vs. Good
Paganism was one of the first religions a was heavily practiced in Europe before the Christian movement Some Examples of The Pagan Aspects, Are after Heorot is first attacked Hroðgar, sacrifices to the Old Stone Gods.
Religious Conflicts
One of the Major Symbols of Christianity Is not from Beowulf But from Hroðgars throne which was said to have been protected by the Power of God Himself
Grendel a troll-like monster and
a descendant of Cain
who is pained by the noise,
attacks the hall and kills and
devours many of Hroðgar's
warriors while they sleep the
fact that he kills at night shows
that he is really a coward
First conflict
Beowulf Hero of the Geats
travels great distances to prove
his strength at impossible odds
against supernatural demons
and beasts
Planing to fight a Dragon Use McCullough's Chain Mail®! Strong enough to stop a Dragon from ripping your throat
McCullough's Chain Mail®
After this battle Grendel dies from loss of limb which (surprise surprise) outrages Grendel's mother
Grendel's Mother
Angered by the punishment of her son, appears and attacks the hall, prompting Beowulf to attack her. After fierce battle Beowulf prevails and returns with grendel's head.
Beowulf Vs. Grendels Mother
After years of peace and the removal of Grendel and his mother, Hroðgar and his kingdom lived in peace until a dragon is awoken.
Beowulf's final fight
Beowulf Vs. the dragon
For after
The End
In the end the injures that Beowulf Sustained from the dragon Is what finally got him in the end On this last request he was barried with the gold that he lost6 his life trying to gain giving his throne to how Right hand man
The End
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