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Argumentative Essay

Simple guide to write an argumentative essay!!!

Yi Ting

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Argumentative Essay

Patterns of Argumentative Essay
Sample Essays
Detail 2
Argumentative Essay
What is argumentative essay?
My Essay:

Nowadays, there are more and more primary and secondary school students go for private tuition after school. Tuition centres are established in most of the cities. They provide all sorts of tuition courses for the students. It includes all the subjects being taught in the school and also some talents training courses like drawing, singing, dancing, public speaking, swimming, and others. Students have already spent half day in school, is that really necessary for students to go for private tuition to learn the things that have been taught in school?

Private tuition can be necessary for those who are weak in learning. They may seek for the help from private tuition centres so that they can learn again the same things to deeper their impressions on the certain subjects. In school, the classes normally are made up from about 40 students. The students who are weak in learning certain subjects may get not enough attention from teachers. Therefore, the students may resort to attend a tuition class which is small group to get the special attention from teacher. They have the chances to learn more from tuition teachers as they are encouraged to ask questions to tuition teachers.

However, the fact has told us that not all tutors in tuition centres are well-trained or qualified. Many of them are not teachers. They have not been trained systematically to be teachers. Some of them may be trained in the tuition centres for a short period and then they are asked to teach the students. The worst is the tuition centres do not train the tutors at all and just asked them to teach. Can teaching and learning processes being conducted effectively as the tutors are not been trained in a appropriately? The students are certainly not guided properly and the class discipline is also ruined.

Moreover, private tuition is too time-consuming for the students. The students are tiring after the half day learning in school. They have not enough rest and they will not have the time to do their homework if they attend private tuition classes. As a result, they cannot concentrate in class and always rely on tuition. As time passing by, it will form a vicious cycle for the students and they cannot learn independently. They will become lazy to self-learning and they prefer to spoon-feed learning. Consequently, they may loss the competitive strengths when they grow up.

Other than that, attending private tuition classes can also waste money. They are actually learning the same things which have been taught in school. The tuition fees now are also expensive. Primary school level tuition fees are at least 30 Ringgit Malaysia per subject; secondary school level tuition fees are at least 40 Ringgit Malaysia per subject. The tuition fees can be a burden to the parents who are living at a middle-low class level. Furthermore, it can cause a competitive nature among the students and attending private tuition classes become a trend in the communities.

In conclusion, students should not go for private tuition classes. They should pay enough attentions in class so that they can absorb completely what has been taught by the school teachers. They should also try to learn on their own by surfing the internet and also reference books. Self-learning is the only best way for them to develop in their studies in their futures.

(561 words)

The Five Key Elements :

An explanation of the issue
A clear thesis statement
A summary of the opposing arguments
Rebuttals to the opposing arguments
Your own arguments
A kind of essay in which you try to persuade your reader to agree with your opinion about a controversial topic.
Block Pattern
Point-by-point Pattern
i. Introduction
-Explanation of the issue
-Thesis statement
ii. Body
-Block 1
A. Summary of the other side's arguments
B. Rebuttal of the first argument
C. Rebuttal of the second argument
D. Rebuttal of the third argument
-Block 2
E. Your first argument
F. Your second argument
G. Your third argument
-May include a summary of your point of view
i. Introduction
-Explanation of the issue, including a summary of the other side's arguments
- Thesis statement
ii. Body
A. Statement of the other side's first argument and rebuttal with your own counterargument
B. Statement of the other side's second argument and rebuttal with your own counterargument
C. Statement of the other side's third argument and rebuttal with your own counterargument
iii. Conclusion
-May include a summary of your point of view

How would you feel if a loved one were killed? Would you want retribution, or would sending the killer to prison be enough? This question has been asked many times, but people are not in agreement about the ultimate punishment. We all know that it is wrong to take a human life, but if our government does the killing, is it still a crime? Some people say that the government does not have the right to end someone’s life, but the following reasons will show why capital punishment should be preserved.

The first reason for allowing the death penalty is for the sake of punishment itself. Most people agree that criminals who commit serious crimes should be separated from society. The punishment will depend on the degree of the crime. Capital punishment, the most severe form of punishment, ends criminals’ lives. It seems reasonable that this severe punishment be reserved for those who commit the most serious crimes.

The second reason to preserve capital punishment is financial. The government does not have to spend a lot of money on criminals. Next to capital punishment, the most severe punishment is a life sentence in prison, where the government has to take care of criminals until they die naturally. These criminals do not work, but they receive free housing and food. It is unfair to use tax dollars for such a purpose.

The last reason for continuing the use of the death penalty is based on the purpose of government. If the government has legitimate power to make, judge, and carry out the laws, it should also have the power to decide if criminals should die. Capital punishment is like any other sentence. If one believes that the government has the right to charge a fine or put criminals into jail, then the government must also have the same power to decide the fate of a prisoner’s life.

The opponents of capital punishment might say that nobody has the right to decide who should die, including the government. However, when the government sends soldiers into war, in some way, it is deciding those soldiers’ fate; some will live and some will be killed. As long as the government has the right to send its citizens to a battlefield, it has a right to put criminals to death.

There are many good reasons to preserve capital punishment. Certainly not every criminal should be put to death. Capital punishment ought to be viewed as the harshest form of punishment. If no punishment can reform a murderer, then capital punishment is the best thing that can be done for that person and for society.
(439 words)

Keith S. Folse, Elena Vestri Solomon, April Muchmore-vokoun. (2002). Great Essays, An Introduction to Writing Essays, Second Edition. Boston: Heinle, Cengage Learning.

Life or Death?
Drugs: A Wise Man’s Friend and A Fool’s Enemy
What are drugs? Are drugs something that can only bring harm to the body? Are drugs harmful substances that can only cause sufferings to all beings? The answer is, no. According to a site on the Internet, drugs are chemicals, which produce a therapeutic effect on the body. Drugs by themselves cannot cause damage or bring about good to anyone. It is the way we use them that can. Drugs can be wonderful friends that save millions of lives if used properly. They can be bad enemies if misused. It would be correct to say then, that drugs are a wise man’s friend and a fool’s enemy.

The action of using drugs for the wrong reason is called misuse of drugs. Misuse of drugs brings about harmful consequences to the victim as well as those who are close to him. The government allocates millions of dollars each year to address this problem. Money, which is much needed and could be better spent on beneficial enterprises. For example, the money allocated to fight drugs can be used to develop a particular section of the city. Housing could be provided for squatters or scholarships could be given to poor children who are good in their studies. Instead, the taxpayer’s money is wasted on rehabilitation centres and treatment for drug addicts. Drug addiction is an obstacle to the government’s dream of developing the nation.

Drugs cannot increase crime rate, but the urge to possess it can. Drug addicts do not have the ability to earn but the urge to possess drugs encourages them to indulge in crime. Thus, they lurk around street corners or dark alleys and pounce on unsuspecting victims. The money they rob from their victims, help sustain their drug habits. Drug addicts also burgle houses in acts of desperation. They are ready to do anything just so that they can obtain money to buy drugs. Often, drug addicts who have foolishly ingested more than their body can withstand, are found slumped on street corners unconscious or dead. Their foolish behaviour of wasting themselves away not only brings harm to themselves but also threatens the peace of mind of the inhabitants of a place.

The irrational behaviour of drug addicts affects society and tarnishes the nation’s image. Crime rates discourage tourists from visiting a particular country. This is a huge blow to many countries as they rely mainly on the tourism industry to boost their economy. When tourists stop visiting a country, economy suffers and people get retrenched. Foreign investors too will hesitate to invest in a nation where social ills are rampant because of drug problems.

On the other hand, doctors have used drugs to save, cure and bring relieve to many sick people. Malaria, for instance, was regarded as a killer disease in the past. Nobody could do anything to fight it until the wise Alexander Fleming found the drug to beat the disease. Thanks to him, today anti-malaria shots can be taken as a preventive measure. Without the drug called quinine many innocent lives would still be lost today. Like malaria, many other diseases are no longer feared because man has the wisdom to use drugs to battle them.

Undeniably, the world cannot function without drugs. Drugs play a very important role in our lives. Surgeries cannot be carried out without the presence of drugs. A patient needs drugs to convalesce, for without drugs the pain would be unbearable.

Drugs help the healing process. Ingesting drugs, which doctors prescribe or are sold in pharmacies can cure common ailments like flu, headaches and tummy-aches. Almost every household has a medicine cabinet that holds simple drugs like painkillers. They are man’s friends.

The discussion above has proven clearly that it is man who decides whether he wants drugs to be a friend or enemy. Drugs, if used with utmost care can bring about a world of good. If used foolishly, it can bring about destruction not only to the user but also to those around. So, drugs are a wise man’s friend and a fool’s enemy.

(676 words)

Sasikala Nallaya, Leela Chakrabarty. (2006). Polish Your English: A Textbook for English Language Proficiency Courses. Perak: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

Harsher Penalties Will Cure Drug Addiction
Society perceives drug addiction or the misuse of drugs as an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. It is an issue that is not alien to anybody. Various methods have been suggested as well as implemented only to fail miserably at grass root level. Even if they do succeed, only a small percentage of the drug addicts are rehabilitated and re-socialized into society. A big percentage goes back into the habit, eventually. The dismal success rates seen in other more humane methods has brought upon a call for harsher penalties. Many people view the penalties imposed on drug addicts as not harsh enough. Well, I for one beg to differ. Although, harsher penalties seem to be the most logical thing to do, it does not provide a clear solution to eradicate the problem.

Harsher penalties are not going to curb drug addiction simply because it does not address the issue as the situation warrants. Harsher penalties will not cure drug addiction because the problem lies at the grass root level. The reason this problem is becoming a menace is because drug traffickers are becoming smarter and working harder to avoid detection. Many methods are used to influence people to take drugs. So, until the time where traffickers are wiped out completely, harsher penalties will not be a feasible solution. As Einstein said ‘The formulation of the problem is more essential than its solution’.

Harsher penalties mean extra funding or expenditure. The government has to come up with additional funds to implement these penalties. How much should the government spend? Wouldn’t the money be better in use if it were spent on development? That is only the least of our worries. As time passes, more and more drug addicts will be caught. This gives birth to other problems. As the number of drug addicts increase, the facilities will shrink. There will not be enough rehabilitation centres. Harsher penalties would mean longer jail term. This will make matters worse. Prisons will be overcrowded. If the solution is to build more rehabilitation centres and jails, then we are faced with a new problem. Where do we find the space, land or money?

Harsher penalties will also lead to another indirect problem. The relatives of drug addicts may hesitate reporting them to the authorities. Nobody would want a relative of theirs to face harsh penalties. This would lead to many unreported cases of drug addiction. The authorities cannot function alone and need the support and cooperation of the society. If society shied away from his responsibility, the authorities will not be able curb drug addiction. Rather than solve the problem, it will raise new ones. This is another reason as to why harsher penalties will not cure drug addiction.

With harsher penalties, drug addicts do not just suffer during rehabilitation but also after their sentence ends. This is caused by society’s perception of drug addicts. Drug addicts may find it difficult to re-socialize into society after serving harsh penalties. Society will not trust or treat them kindly. For example, how many employers would employ an ex-addict who has just come out of prison, in the first place? People would also shun them. This would ultimately drive them back to their old habit.

The arguments above clearly prove that harsher penalties will not be an effective means of curing drug addictions, even though it may seem to be the only logical action. We do what Sherlock Holmes says we do and that is “We see but we do not observe”. We merely act based on what is logical, not what the situation dictates or demands. Not all logical actions in this world will prove to be the best solutions. Harsher penalties to cure drug addiction are one of them.
(625 words)

Sasikala Nallaya, Leela Chakrabarty. (2006). Polish Your English: A Textbook for English Language Proficiency Courses. Perak: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

Topic Suggestions
1. The sale of CDs with songs containing lyrics that degrade women should be prohibited.
2. Television is the worst invention of modern times.
3. Environmental protection laws go too far.
4. The advertising industry performs many public services.
5. Censorship of the arts is always wrong.
6. Violence in video games, movies, and television programme should be censored.
7. Despite the fact that education’s primary responsibility is to train minds, not bodies, I believe that schools should require students to practice sport at least one hour each day.
8. Although some people think that curfew laws will help control teenage gangs, they are wrong for several reasons.
9. Engaged couples should be required to take marriage preparation classes for one full year before their wedding.
10. The future status of English as the global language is assured.

Students should not go for private tuition.
Proofread by: Ting Siew Ching
Writing for Multimedia and the webs
BIK 1183
Goh Yi Ting
Narumatha Mohana Das
Siti Nor Kamilah Binti Masri
Siti Amirah Rashidah

Lecturer's Name
Madam Nadiah Yan bt Abdullah
Keith S. Folse, Elena Vestri Solomon, April Muchmore-vokoun. (2002).
Great Essays, An Introduction to Writing Essays, Second Edition
. Boston: Heinle, Cengage Learning.
Sasikala Nallaya, Leela Chakrabarty. (2006).
Polish Your English: A Textbook for English Language Proficiency Courses
. Perak: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.
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