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Searching for an e-journal

How to find online journals through University of the Pacific

Stephanie Wojda

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Searching for an e-journal

How to Search for an E-Journal First Go to library.pacific.edu Click on the E-Journals List If you know the title, words within
the title, or what the title starts with,
you can type them here. You could also search the journals by category.
Choose a topic and then choose a sub category within
that topic You can also search by journal vendors, or
if you know the citation, you can search by that Once you choose the way you want to search, click on the result you were looking for Once you find and click on
your result, you will see a
window like this one: Choose whichever source you like best That will bring you to the journal
website where you can find what you're
looking for! This will take you to the journal's website
where you can find everything that you're
looking for!
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