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New Principal Introduction

No description

Bethany LaHaie

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of New Principal Introduction

1. Line up across the room by the year you were first hired.
2. Then, fold the line and pair up
3. Share:
*Name and position
*Years you have been working in education
*Something you did over the summer
4. Share with the larger group what your partner shared.
By: Bethany LaHaie
Your New Principal!
*Grew up in Cheboygan, Michigan
*Earned a Bachelor and Master's Degree at Michigan State University
*Married and moved to Laramie, Wyoming.
*Moved to Washington in 2003
*Have a wonderful husband, Cameron, and two incredible kids: Mason and Jane
14 years of teaching experience

3rd, 5th, and 6th grades

Earned my Master's Degree with a focus on literacy in 2005

Spent this year as the Instructional Support Specialist (Title I/LAP) teaching intervention groups to K-5th grade students

Earned my Principal Certification in 2014 from SPU
Teaching Experience
I'll never ask you to do something that I wouldn't be willing to do myself.

I am passionate, focused, and dedicated.

I will always listen.

I will follow through when I say I am going to do something.

I will protect instructional time from outside distractions as much as possible.
What you can expect from me...
To help shape and maintain a positive climate in our school

To always act in a professional manner

To have a growth mindset for yourself and your students

To ask if you need help

To let me know if there is a problem or concern
What my expectations are of you...
My History
"What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children."
--John Dewey
A thought to ponder...
Leadership Experiences
*PLC Guiding Coalition

*TPEP Regional Implementation Grant Committee

*Emergency Preparedness Plans

*Led a variety of PD including Common Core ELA

*Parent and Community Involvement

*SBAC Field Test Coordinator
Your History...
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