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Olympian Ares

No description

John Lassider

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Olympian Ares

Olympian Ares
The Trojan War
During the Trojan War, Ares fought for the Trojans however having an agreement with Hera and Atheena to fight alongside the Greeks later being convinced otherwise and betraying them. He later encountered Athena on the battle field representing the opposing Army. Athena being more cunning than him nearly defeated him, chucking a boulder at him and rendering him unconscious in the warzone.
Ares affair with Aphrodite
One of the more famous myths in which Ares appears is of his affair with Aphrodite. While Aphrodite was engaged to Hephaestus, Ares began to have an affair with her going behind Hephaestus' back. Apollo knowing of the affair warned Hephaestus who then created a device to catch them red-handed. After being caught all Olympians were informed of the event and told to come see it to further humiliate Ares and Aphrodite. Upon the arrival of the Gods they all perceived it as humor and brushed it off.
The first trial in history
Another popular myth in which Ares has a major role is the myth of the first proper trial. The trial occurs because the murder of one of Poseidon's sons. Poseidon's son Halirrhothius raped Ares' daughter Alcippe, leaving Ares' to take vengeance. Poseidon was in favor of Ares being punished and brought it to the newly made court. Ares was acquitted of all charges and had impunity.
Origins and Family
Ares' father was Zeus and mother was Hera. Ares was Zeus' least favorite offspring. Ares has a multitude of kids, quite a few being mortal and others being gods. Having a myriad of children, among them the most significant are Phobos and Deimos. The two appear several times in myths where Ares occurs, assisting him in battle.
Ares is the God of War, bloodlust, and violence. He is depicted as the brute force of war in battles, killing without a cause but rather for entertainment. Possibly one of the most despised Gods among the Olympians for his malicious acts. Was often feared by the Greek populous while also being praised because you can't beckon with war itself and live. A rather limited amount known about he appears if a small amount is revealed about him in myths.
"Ares in Greek Mythology." Loggia.com. Based on Mythography: Exploring the Greek, Roman, and Celtic Myth and Art, © Loggia.com, 1997-2008. 11/6/13. http://www.loggia.com/myth//resource/viewurl?encodedUrl=_wjp4Y8msr4AJ8LfMxE68wPkZECWdkNph0-4NDesZsQ&version=1&userGUID=7DBCAD05-A976-4651-91A6-E22E932B1C89&gv=1&gc=185735256&appsignature=Destiny&appversion=
Note:My computer's security certificate rejected any access to all websites,which is why we lack citations.
"Don't quote anything I ever say"
- Mr. Simmons, 2013
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