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No description

Paul Cairns

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of AWS/WR

Don't forget to call Paul re: AWS! Jive Spend on M&S Revenues Clients 2010 What to do? 2011 $65M $46M 676 560 $45M $29M Diff $19M 77 $16M O I Paul Cairns
Account Executive 1) Current Understanding
2) Challenges
3) Cloud Computing
4) Why Amazon Web Services?
5) Proposed Solution
6) Pricing
7) Next Steps 1) Current Understanding
Premier social networking site for rugby fans around the world wicked-rugby.com Can create personal profile pages
Can create friend networks
Provides up to date News & Stats from leagues around the world User Base 50% Europe / 30% US / 20% Asia
2 Million unique users
Projected linear growth: 10 million by March 2014 Current HW Infrastructure Database cluster: All servers reside in one location- Dallas, Texas 4 Red Hat Linux Servers (2 master: 1 active/1 passive. 2 slave)
-14GB RAM/ 2 dual core procs each
-160GB volume. 40GB replicated over each server Web/App cluster: 16 Red Hat Linux Servers. PHP/Apache in an open source MVC framework
-1.5GB RAM/ 1GHz Proc each Damage Total: 25k/month
15k for hosting
10k Akamai F5 Load Balancing Hardware (refresh/update)(need comparable services) Akamai- Content Delivery Provider. For video and static content. (Contract expires 6 months) 2) Challenges a) Improve AVAILABILITY
c) ...All While Keeping COSTS DOWN 2M users 10M users March 2013 12 months March 2014 3) What is Cloud Computing? "Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet)" "Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications." Primary Cloud Computing Flavors Primary Cloud Computing Flavors Cloud Computing Advantages Elastic Capacity Trade in Capital Expense for Variable Expense Fixed Capacity Demand 10M 2M (Users) 1 Month 12 Month Standard Capacity Model (Waste) (Waste) 2M 10M (Users) Elastic Capacity Demand Elastic Capacity Model Replace Costly IT budget with Utility model
Pay as you go, only for what you use!
No CapEx
No Longterm Commitments
No Upfront Costs
No HW costs
No Refresh Costs
No HW maintenance costs -Don't Guess Capacity- How much time does it take you to go to market with an idea? How much money is wasted if experiment fails?.... Who takes the blame? Twice the Experiments = Twice the Success Rate Experiment Freely Go to Market Faster Increase Business Speed & Agility wicked-rugby.com AWS Global Infrastructure Europe- 50%
1 Region (Dub)
3 AZ's
12 Edge Locations Asia- 20%
3 Regions (NRT, SIN, SYD)
7 AZ's
8 Edge Locations Americas - 30%
5 Regions (IAD, SFO, PDX, Brazil,Gov Cloud)
11 AZ's
18 Edge Locations 9 Regions
25 Availability Zones
38 Edge Locations
... and growing White papers: Security Processes, Risk and Compliance
Many Security Certifications: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS-1, etc
Customer penetration testing
Data privacy though encryption http://aws.amazon.com/security/ Security Our Datacenters are probably more secure than yours "Trusted by over 100,000+ customers, from the US Government to the largest global businesses in the world" Low Margin Philosophy 25 Price Reductions
2006 - 2/13 Lower
Costs Reduce Price More Customers More Economies of Scale More AWS Usage We need more Infrastructure Volume Discounts "We did a full evaluation of Amazon Web Services and a few other vendors and we found Amazon was in fact 3-4 years ahead of anyone else we had evaluated" -Lex Crossett, VP of Product Development & CIO 4) A Cloud Computing Pioneer... ...and still growing Pace of Innovation December 2012 - Survey of US/UK businesses by Manchester Business School
...February, 2013
- 62% increased profits
- 94% in US felt cloud computing cut costs
- 92% set up of site operations easier " I find it hard to believe that we cannot collectively beat a company that sells books."
Carl Eschenbach, COO, VMware AWS "PBS improved availability to over 99.99%" “Scaling, provisioning, and security are very important for us and for our customers. AWS is a natural fit, because it allows us to have virtually unlimited capacity while only paying for what we use without upfront investments. AWS also makes it easy to deal with traffic spikes, which are common in sports, thanks to its elastic capabilities.” -Ramon Salvado, CTO of Gnuine (FCB IT provider) 5) Proposed Solution AWS Core Components Elastic Cloud Compute EC2 EC2 Amazons Virtual Machines (Instances)
On-demand compute power
Quickly Scale up or down
Easy Setup- Amazon Management Console
Select Region and AZ
Select OS, RAM, CPU, 32bit vs 64bit platform
qty Instances, name it, assign key pair, security group.... Launch away Auto Scaling -AWS Free service that allows you to automatically scale up and down according to conditions that you define utilizing if/then statements. EC2 #1 EC2 #1 EC2 #2 EC2 #1 Why is this important for you? Free service that prevents overspending, wasted capacity, unsatisfied customers. Unhappy Rugby Fans Elastic Load Balancing -Automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances to achieve greater availability. Can be done across multi-AZ's if need be. S3 Simple Storage Service RDS Relational Database Store -Prepackaged and managed DB instance
-MySQL, SQL server, Oracle
-Completely scalable
-Can set IOPS from 1,000-10,000
-Can set scheduled backup snapshots of DB and logs
-Can set multi-AZ's for increased availability
-Object Based storage
-Highly Scalable
-1byte-5TB per object
-Keeps redundant copies across multi-AZ's for high availability
-easily accessible via URL
-highly secure via permissions, encryption, Access Control Lists etc.
-Durability: 99.999999999% "With Amazon CloudFront, Earth Networks saved over 50% in CDN costs and anticipates 20% reduction in Amazon EC2 origin instances, without any reduction in performance compared to their previous CDN provider and without the need to write any customized code." CloudFront -AWS's Content Delivery Service
-Integrated with AWS to provide low latency and fast transfer speeds to our many Edge locations
-Very Cost Effective
-Transfers Static & Dynamic content at the same low rate starting at $0.12/GB Route 53 -DNS Web Service
-Uses our Any Cast Network of DNS servers to automatically route your users to optimal locations to reduce latency.
-Designed to handle large query volumes
-Easy to manage your domains
-highly available Preliminary Web Architecture Wicked-Rugby.com Elastic Load Balancer EC2 Web Servers EC2 Web Servers EC2 Load Balancer EC2 Load Balancer Auto Scaling Group Auto Scaling Group Auto Scaling Group Auto Scaling Group RDS Master RDS Standby Custom Origin
Server (Dynamic) EC2 App Server EC2 App Server Custom Origin Server (Dynamic) Route
53 CloudFront S3 Availability Zone #1 Availability Zone #2 $15,000 /mo Hosting (co-location)
$10,000 /mo Akamai CDN (8TB~$1.25/GB) 47,087 /yr AWS @ 2 Million Users Current Solution $25,000 /mo = $300,000 yearly
@ 2 Million Users (recommended web architecture) $13,176 /yr CloudFront $60,264 /yr $60,264 yearly
@ 2 Million Users (TCO calculator) $25,000 /mo $239,736 LESS Current Solution
Projections 10 Million Users -80 Web Servers
-16 DB servers
-5 TB of local storage
-Extended Akamai contract
-F5 Load Balancer Refresh *No Availability *Hefty long term CDN contract *Increased hosted prices *Susceptible to Performance issues $1,500,000 yearly
@ 10 Million Users $235,440 /yr AWS + $65,880 /yr CloudFront $301,320 yearly @ 10 Millions users $301,320 vs $1,500,000 a) Improve PERFORMANCE b) Improve AVAILABILITY c) Keep Costs Down Route 53 CloudFront Auto Scaling Load Balancing THANK YOU 7) Next Steps Deep dive into the technical side of AWS
Schedule an INFOSEC conversation
Challenge the TCO estimate
Determine a final configuration/architecture
Walk through the migration process Month 1 (Time) Month 12 *Bloated Data Center Route
53 Call Broker... Agenda wicked-rugby.com Used by world's largest online retailer 6) Pricing Durability: 99.999999999% Calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/calc5.html
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