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White Board Prezumé by Scott Miller

No description

Scott Miller

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of White Board Prezumé by Scott Miller

LaRue, Ohio

The Resume of Scott A. Miller
Cedarville University
Technologically Savvy
Excellent Rapport
Masters of Arts
College of Education - 2009
Areas of Concentration: Math & Science: GPA 3.92
1998-1999 Multimedia Major
August 2011 - 2014
Taught Algebra, 8th Grade Math, 8th Grade Science, Transitioned from Ohio Standards to Common Core Standards
Use Smart Board, Moodle, ProgressBook, Prezi, Clickers, Personal Whiteboards, P.B.L., etc.
Indian Lake Middle School
2010-2011 School Year
Only math teacher for 7th grade, Pre-Algebra, and 8th grade Algebra
Utilized formative assessments and technology to ensure all students were engaged and learning
Ada Junior High School
Commercial Construction Laborer
Real-World Experience
Seeking an excellent opportunity to inspire today's generation by facilitating maximum learning
Bachelors of Science
Summa Cum Laude - 2008
Middle Childhood Education: GPA 3.94
Ridgedale High School

1998 State Honors Diploma

Video for P.B.L. mini-lab I created on iMovie
Prezi I created to deliver content on moon phases
Mastery of Content
Click link above to view Prezi

On my teacher evaluations, student rapport has consistently been rated excellent. I want students want to try their best and I believe they try harder when there is a good rapport with the teacher.
Must hit Esc to see Prezi, if currently in fullscreen mode
I am not afraid of being creative and trying new ways to make learning fun and interesting
My 5 year daughter and 3 year old son
having fun in the kitchen
My daughter sledding; we do not have a hill, so I made her one
Stayed a month in Kenya, working with a church group and enjoying nature. This is a baboon that unexpectedly jumped on my lap
click on my play button
Video I use for inventions and Technological Design
My family's garden last summer
My kids enjoying the great outdoors
Developed a good work-ethic
Mentored youth of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds
Volunteer Youth Pastor
I have always loved tinkering with technology
"He keeps his composure in difficult situations and has a way of keeping his classes calm. He has a very good work ethic. He is a wonderful role model for young people."
- Dennis Kaelber - Mentor Teacher
6th grade math - Pleasant Middle School
"He is gentle in his approach and handles himself in a way that would be typical of a teacher with many more years of experience. He will be an asset to any school who is quick enough to see the gifts that he has to offer to the school, the community, and most importantly, to the students."
Gina Neer - 6th grade teacher
Willis Intermediate School
"I believe that you would be hard pressed to find a teacher that is more enthusiastic about the teaching profession. It would also be hard to find someone who would work any harder as he is one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. He has a passion to see kids learn and his students are engaged and motivated. He has well presented lessons and wants all kids to succeed not only academically but in all aspects of life."
Gary Ludwig - Principal
Ada Junior and Senior High

Mr. Bauer, ILMS CO-Principal, D.C. Trip Coordinator is the main character
click on my play button
click on my play button
click on my play button
click on my play button
VoiceThread I created to encourage dialogue and 21st century skills in Algebra class
Click on the link to view this VoiceThread
Mastery of content, I believe, is undervalued. (In Ohio, you need a 143 on the Praxis math test and a 144 on the Praxis science test to be licensed) I can see where my content mastery has led to making better connections for my students between the different areas and grade levels of science which makes learning more and authentic and enduring.
(make sure your volume isn't too loud)
2014 - Present
6th Grade Math / 7th Grade Math Enrichment
Pleasant Middle School
Effectively Prepared students for PARCC test by focusing on Mathematical Practices
Used Promethean Board and software to engage students effectively tie technology together; Songs, Videos Kahoot, Whiteboard Problems, etc.
Video I made with over 2,450,000 views on YOUTUBE
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